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Covenant by Mel Odom
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Oct 04, 2009

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Read in August, 2009

I would've liked to give this book more stars because the trilogy is good enough to deserve more stars - the problem lies in this book, particularly the end of it.

As per the first 2 books, the story and the pacing are entertaining and engaging. It continues to focus on Simon, Leah, and Warren. As you read it, it becomes obvious that this book is meant to join with the story introduced in the Hellgate: London game itself - the end of this trilogy is the start of that book.

The problem? It was executed horribly. I've played the game, so I can kinda fill in the gaps; but it would be horrible for those who don't play it. The build-up to the finale involving the three factions were rushed in a single chapter and unresolved. Warren's build up to a climactic encounter with Merihim was casually done in just one paragraph. Simon and Leah's relationship was built upon, but never resolved properly. The final fight that leads you to believe that all three factions are going to get involved, devolves to nothing more than Simon and Warren rescuing Leah. The Agency didn't even get involved. And the list of loose ends goes on. I suspect it was not Mel Odom who wanted the book to end that way; it's just too vague and too incomplete compared to the rest of trilogy. That whole final chapter and that useless epilogue really left a bad aftertaste in my mouth - so much potential - wasted in an _extremely_ rushed finale. Still, read it if only to find out more about what happened to the protagonists - then maybe go read a detailed walkthrough for the game to more gist on the storyline.

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