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Bratfest at Tiffany's by Lisi Harrison
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Oct 02, 2009

it was amazing

The Pretty Committee’s ideal world is flipped upside down as the Briarwood boys are moved into OCD. Massie decides that because of their horrible experience with their ex-crushes that the New Pretty Committee bonded by their Tiffany charm bracelets is officially on a boy fast. Massie expects this to bring them closer together; on the contraire, it breaks them apart. Claire is still mourning losing Cam and is envious of his new crush, the gorgeous Olivia. Kristen made a new crush over the summer; however, she tells them she had lied to keep it a secret during the boy fast. Alicia feels it is unjust for she and Josh were still going strong. They meet in secret, until the perfect opportunity for them to bond freely comes about as the school becomes too crowded and student at the first few tables will be sent to attend class in overflow trailers. They plot for the boys that had broken the girls’ hearts and their crushes including Alicia to sit at the NPC’s usual table, number eighteen. This gets the other girls into the trailers and leaves Alicia to spend all day with Josh. The NPC are stuck in the trailers with the LBRs are furious for the boys have taken control of Briarwood, and the only thing they had expected to have no matter what, the secret room, has been removed from their possession as well as it is now taken over by the boys’ soccer team. They are even displayed on the news while Alicia and the others Main Building residers are as well. They recognize that Alicia has a pink cap similar to Josh’s. They confront Alicia about her true intentions of getting herself into the Main Building as they realize that she is still associating herself with Josh. Alicia is removed from the NPC. Alicia misses them more and more, wishing ever so badly that she could be with Josh and still have her best friends. Also on the news they put down those in the trailers by saying they were chosen to be in them because they were different and had special needs. This inspires Massie to makeover the trailers based on the NPC’s designs and the LBRs. It all turns out fabulous; however, it seems Massie is falling for former LBR having made himself over during the summer, Dempsey. The MBs parents complain about the unfairness of them getting to have start of the art facilities, so a locker (or suitcase for the overflow students) designs contest will be held and the winners will get to stay in the Tiffany box trailers. Cam admits to Claire that he misses her and wants her back, but due to the boyfast she does not respond to his plea. Alicia reaches out to the NPC to ask for forgiveness, and Massie comes up with a way she can earn it. Alicia must replace the winners with the names of the soccer boys that broke their hearts including Josh, allowing them to rule the Main Building once more. She also asks for Alicia to place Dempsey in the MB. Massie declares the boyfast officially over making them once more the Pretty Committee. The PC is stronger than ever, back on top at OCD.

It was interesting to see how the different characters handled the boyfast and it was very suspenseful. I did not expect that the boyfast would tear them apart. The characters were further developed for a person’s true character is shown when they must face adversity. The overflow makeover was creative, original, and enjoyable. I also liked that the characters of the boys and the wannabes were developed in this novel for before I didn’t know as much about them and their relationships. It had a happy ending, and I can’t wait to read the Summer Collection and the rest of the Clique novels.

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