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Desperation by Stephen King
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M 50x66
's review
Oct 02, 2009

it was amazing

The book I chose for my project is “Desperation” by Stephen King, who is my favorite writer. King got his inspiration from a cross-country drive he took in 1991, during which he ran across an old beat down town in the middle of the desert call Ruth, Nevada, near Highway 50. All the inhabitants were dead. His imagination went wild and he actually convinced himself that the sheriff had killed the town. He slow began to think of a plot for a new book. About three years later, he went on another cross-country trip on his motorcycle and heard rumors about workers from Ruth were working on a mine when it collapsed on them keeping them trapped inside. Stephen began to use his imagination to form the most amazing story ever.
I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good horror story with plot twists and a lot of thinking. I kept reading this book because this book has you wondering the whole time what is going to happen next. If you ever run across this book I suggest you get it, because most people who like good writing will love this book.
My favorite character is the super-natural entity named Tak. The reason I like Tak so much is because he is really brutal and is the “bad guy” of the story. In this story he resembles Satan and the boy named David Carver is posed as Jesus Christ. Tak was trapped in an old abandoned mineshaft until recent activity by local mining faculties. He takes over someones body for a short period of time and he slowly begins to grow out of it, like someone would with clothes; and when they run out he has to find a body to switch to, which is why he captures all these innocent people, so he will always have a body to go to.
If it was made into a movie I would pick some of the best characters to play these parts, because I would never want to ruin this amazing book. This book has already been made into a movie and from what I heard it had a very good review. I watched the trailer for it and it looks very good.
My favorite line from this book was when Tak captured the couple in the beginning and was driving them to the station and coughed and spat his whole tongue out, turned back and smiled at them and said “Nasty summer cold.” The girl started screaming like crazy, it was an awesome part of the book.

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