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Glenn Beck's Common Sense by Glenn Beck
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Oct 01, 2009

really liked it
Recommended for: Everyone both Conservative and Liberal
Read in October, 2009

I was just coming back from a conservative conference and had staunchly confirmed myself as a moderate independent before attending, but after the conference I feel like my values are more inline with conservatives. So I was sitting on the plane at a stop in Las Vegas, and I had just finished a book, so I decided I would download Glenn Beck's Common Sense.

I typically do not like reading political commentary's, let alone pay for them; however I started reading this book on the plane and for the remaining two hours Glenn Beck held my interest. He was not only taking to task democrats but also at times being very harsh to the republicans as well. Even though his slant is conservative it was nice to read that he thought even the republicans were not using common sense; that they too are leading America down the path to Socialism.

Socialism is knocking on our door and patiently waiting for us to answer. Glenn Beck talks about many instances that politicians, and those who call themselves "Progressives" are doing and enacting that are based in socialism. The government has already bailed out the banking industry giving them some control. They have already bailed out the auto industry giving them some control. Now they are setting their sights on the health care industry giving them some control over your very own body.

We'd all like to think that the government is a nice altruistic entity, but it's not, it's full of politicians, both liberal and conservative who are only interested in power. Who spend their entire lives acquiring it and holding on to it. Glenn Beck talks at length about this and outlines why term limits are necessary.

While the book may never be as beloved as Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" which is included in this book, it's still a valid and eye opening read for everyone regardless of what side of the aisle you reside. Many might consider him to be paranoid, but we should remember that the cause of paranoia isn't necessarily false. We should look at what he writes and consider it a warning for what is coming. At the very least, learn to recognize the signs of Socialism within our very own government and actively put a stop to it.

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