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Stargazer by Claudia Gray
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Oct 01, 2009

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Part two in the Evernight Academy series begins with Bianca waiting for the next school year to begin, and pining for Lucas who she hasn't seen since the big reveal and pursuit at the end of book one. He's an evil Black Cross member set out to destroy all vampires, or so you're supposed to believe. We, of course, know that despite his deep ties to Black Cross that he does love Bianca, so the pining for her human boyfriend is not unwarranted. Very starcrossed Romeo and Juliet going on here. The play is even given out as a class assignment in such that the students are supposed to write an essay on the flaws of the play. I appreciated that tongue-in-cheek nod to the reality of what this series is all about.

Many of the characters from the original are back, although the new and dangerous addition of Charity - Balthazzar's long lost sister makes for fresh reading as the student continue another year of academia. The presence of the wraith and the true lineage of Bianca's existence also spices things up. We know have a glimpse into why Ms. Bethany is so interested in the human students she accepts to attend the school. They've all lived in haunted houses with true spirits prior to coming to the Evernight Academy. The facade between the human students and the vampires students and staff is still front and center, and honestly, I have a bit of a hard time accepting that vampires that are centuries old are not more adapt at acclimating to the times whether it's in fashion, vernacular, or things like driving a car.

Although there are a few storylines running through this book, I most enjoyed the fake romance between Balthazzar and Bianca. He wants to try and find his sister Charity, who strangely befriended Bianca on a trip in town when Bianca was meeting up with Lucas. We find out that Charity has been hanging with a bad crowd of vampires that the Black Cross has been tracking, and when Bianca describes the unusual and seemingly helpless girl to Balthazzar we discover it's his sister. From there they hatch the plan to pretend to be a couple in order for Bianca to see Lucas, and for Balthazzar to try and find his sister. Little do they know that the Ms. Bethany and Bianca's parents are thrilled with the developement, while Lucas' reaction is far different. Personalities clash, and I have to admit that I find myself rooting for Balthazzar and Biance to make a real love match.

Lucas comes across as very angry and unmoving in his relationship with Bianca. He will never take that final step to be with her forever: meaning he would rather die (and stay dead) than allow Bianca to turn him. This breaks Bianca's heart as she thought that eventually Lucas would want the only chance for them to always be together.

The wraiths attack the school, and Ms. Bethany clearly knows more about their presence and existence, including how to kill them, than she's letting anyone know. The mystery continues, and although Evernight Academy goes up in flames - thanks to the Black Cross - at the end of the book, and we don't know the fate of Balthazzar - I'm still hoping he's able to rescue her from the clutches of the Black Cross. Yes, she escaped the fire unscathed with Lucas and is now with him and the Black Cross crew. They believe she is a human that was kidnapped by vampires as a baby, so she's in serious danger when/if she's caught sneaking the blood diet she's coming to need more with every passing day.

Quite the cliffhanger ending and of course it leaves the reader wanting to find out what happens next. Who survived the fire? Where is Charity and her crew of evil vampires? Will the Black Cross find out about Bianca? With the wraiths track down Bianca? Will there be a point that Balthazzar truly has a chance at Bianca's heart?

I guess we all have to stay tuned. :)

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