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Tales of a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut Volume 7 by Breanne Erickson
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I never know what to think when I read one of Ms. Erickson's books. Sometimes I think she needs to be committed and other times I think she must spend a lot of money on first aid kits. I think I might be done with her NHPS books. In the past three years, as her book relate, she's enjoy quite a lot of sex. While the orgasm are very good, the toll on her body is quite high.

Here's the thing. These volumes are Chronicles of her kinky sex life. She has many "masters" and "mistresses" who send her assignments. These assignments are intense edgeplay and fucked up. FUCKED UP. I read through her experiences and I'm just shaking my head and thinking she's one tough broad. Now, of course she does say she does take some literary license to make the story flow better. I'm really hoping she takes a LOT of literary license in some of these scenes.

Here's the thing. Do you like watching Jackass the Movie? I did. Did I find it funny? Not exactly, but I watched it because it was a train wreck and I couldn't stop watching what crazy young white males would do to themselves. This is the same feeling I have for Breanne. I can't stop reading what crazy ass shit she does to her body in the search for intense orgasms. Is that wrong of me? Maybe. I dunno. Am I aroused? Nope. There is not a bit of this book that aroused me. Did I find the sex torture scenes hawt? Sort of. I did enjoy the Valentine Torture Party.

It's not that I have an issue with how Breanne gets off on torture. After a while, it just becomes ordinary? Let me explain. No matter how many variations which occur, I know I will get the following:

1. Breanne's cunt is abused so she can't walk straight. √
2. There will be something large and/or vibrating will be shoved up her pussy. √
3. Something large and/or vibrating will be shoved up her ass. √
4. Impact play √
5. Bondage √
6. Uncontrolled orgasm √

Now, sometime we'll throw in strangers into the mix and don't forget the clothes pins! What puts me ill at ease is not Breanne going off fucking with trucker or strangers. It's the unwilling participation from a vanilla into the lifestyle. One of the rules I prefer to live by, is to not drag vanillas into the kink against their will. Some of the situations with trolling for males to fuck and punish her at the mall or the pizza delivery guy at Julie's apartment is not my thing. If it is yours, then it will be fine for you.

Now, some readers may read the stories and think she's completely unsafe. This is not the case. Breanne clearly states at the end of the book what she does for safety. These are left out of the story because it is a bit dull.

Overall, this book doesn't have much of a plot. This is not the point. The point of the book is an erotic journey documented for the reader's titillation. Do NOT try any of this at home. This book is recommended for f/f readers who enjoy intense SM.

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