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Death's Mistress by Karen Chance
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Sep 29, 2009

really liked it
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Read in January, 2010

This second Dorina Basarab book shows a much more three dimensional Dory, fully equipped with many emotions aside from anger. It was a light-ish read. Not that there wasn't action or battles because trust me there were. But there were some quite entertaining moments many of which were brought on by Ray. I'll say no more about Ray, but truly even if he makes an appearance again, he can't possibly be as entertaining. And with every book I love Radu even more.

My only complaint is that I feel like the epilogue ended where it should have started. I really needed 1 more LC/Dory scene. You know what I mean, "the scene" the one that hasn't yet happened in it's entirety and I really don't want to have happen between books. But I suppose that's minor-ish to the story.

I did figure out about halfway through who the big bad was, although I was off on the specifics. If Mircea could just be Dory's father in these books, I would like him so much more, but in the Cassie Palmer books, I'm afraid that my opinion of him has not changed. I also have to wonder how long she's planning for this series to continue. It feel like a series that is getting to its destination quickly. Pairing people up. Working on relationships. I think such focus helps books and makes the series strong. Especially since her books tend to take place over a matter of days. (Speaking of Cassie Palmer fans, this book does it start in the middle of the Embrace the Night time line and continue through the beginning of Curse the Dawn?)

Anyway, I look forward to the next although I must admit if I realized how slowly the KC books seem to come out, I may have waited to start this series and the Cassie Palmer Series until they were complete.
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Karen Chance
“Yes, but knee pants are so much more flattering. You can see my legs."
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Karen Chance, Death's Mistress

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01/06/2010 page 1
01/06/2010 page 56
13.27% "Hmm, kind of a slow start. After 50 pages I prefer to have a general idea what the plot will be. Oh well, I guess I'll find out after work." 3 comments
01/06/2010 page 121
28.67% "Hello LC!!!" 1 comment
01/07/2010 page 226
53.55% "Everyone needs to stop interrupting I want to know why it's LC thinks it's his business!" 5 comments
01/07/2010 page 306
72.51% "Christine is too weepy. I think it's suspect. She can't be trusted."
01/07/2010 page 315
74.64% "don't worry be happy is not reggae." 1 comment
01/07/2010 page 378
89.57% "It's been waaaaaaay too long since I've seen LC!"
01/07/2010 page 400
94.79% "I'm breaking out an "I told you so" dance. Not the one I've been rehearsing, but one I made up about 100 pages ago! :)" 8 comments
01/07/2010 page 422
100.0% "Despite what GR think I just finished DM. I do love Radu. And I'm still doing my told you so dance!" 18 comments

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message 1: by Mel (last edited Jan 08, 2010 03:08PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mel My only complaint is that I feel like the epilogue ended where it should have started. I really needed 1 more LC/Dory scene. You know what I mean, "the scene" the one that hasn't yet happened in it's entirety and I really don't want to have happen between books. But that's minor-ish to the story.

I was thinking exactly the same thing! Where is the actual sex?!?! I want to see a homerun!
I was actually hoping Dory #3 would start a few hours after DM, just so Dory would wake up and actually go do it with LC!
By the way: DM (August) is a month after MD which ends after Ctd (set in July).

I wasn't too happy with the epilogue in general. I don't like the final wrapping up of the story to consists of everybody sitting around together, telling Dory what happened. I was almost going to deduct a star for it. Almost.
And eventhough I am glad, I'm also kind of sad that LC and Dory are hooked up together. I liked their tension and I'll miss it for the next books. Although KC has hinted that Caedmon will be popping up more to cause trouble. Still: I don't see him as a threat at all at the moment. And I don't understand where LC's traumas and commitment issues went to all of a sudden...

Tara Oh, the reason I thought it was before ctd is because Mircea was still planning the big consul meeting and at the end of ctd I thought they were actually having it.

message 3: by Mel (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mel Through all the commotion I didn't exactly go as planned so I'm thinking they needed another one.

Tara I don't know what became of his issues, maybe that's what will keep things going, his issues and Caedmon pushing his way in will make LC irrational and bring up his issues which will drive Dory to Caedmon? I hope not though because you thought I disliked Mircea? I dislike Caedmon more!! I thought the same thing, it seemed like the ending just got talked about, no LC panicked and pulling Dory from the tunnel. No good riddance Christine. And no sex between Dory & LC!!! How long can they put that off?

message 5: by Mel (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mel Oh... torture! I have good news though. KC thinks she'll be finished with DM by the end of the year and hopes that would mean that the Dorina series books won't have to be postponed.

message 6: by Mel (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mel It's Embrace the Night btw :) Sorry, I'm a freak.

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