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Imp Forsaken by Debra Dunbar
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★★★★★★, yes 6.

When I love a book series I usually devour it within a day, and if necessary, into the night and early morning. So why did it take me six days to get through this book? You'd think it couldn't hold my interest, but you'd be wrong. The truth is, I wanted to savor the moment, enjoy every page. And enjoy it I did... Thoroughly.

All is fair in love and war, as Sam and Gregory are about to learn firsthand...

The book itself is somewhat different from the first four, as it is told from dual point of views. Sam's of course, but more surprisingly, Gabriel's as well, as they both uncover disturbing truths about the angel/demon breeding program. The pacing in Gabriel's parts is definitely slower than Sam's, but no less interesting IMHO. His story is intervowen with that of other members on the ruling council. We learn of their theories regarding Sam's background, their sorrows, moral doubts after the split, and their ever present longing for lost life partners, offspring and brothers, as they try to keep Aaru together. A task that's growing increasingly difficult, since Gregory's acting uncharacteristically indifferent to the mysterious angelic deaths. In fact, the scene where Gabriel confronts Gregory with these accusations, is amongst the funniest in the first half of the book. Poor Gabriel is so endearingly clueless of life on modern Earth when he offers his assistance in killing undead/necromancers to a chips-eating Gregory, who is hanging out with Wyatt;-) (in fact, it would seem Gregory is busy sinning: Lying, shirking responsibilities and EATING junk food- Completely disregarding his vibration patterns. Sam will be proud when she learns of this, Gregory! Dare I hope Sam will be able to tempt him with more pleasures of the flesh as well?) This leaves Gabriel to investigate their deaths on his own, not easy for an angel with an aversion of all things physical, especially humans. Luckily, Gabe experiences his own cathartic, Sam-inspired moment by the end of the book. Let's just say it involves a well aimed pastry;-) Yay for chaos in an Angel of Order, very fitting. Although I don't feel as if his story has been concluded, so I wonder of we will get more from his POV in the final book.

But as always, it is Sam and her merry band of demons, from lows to siblings, who take center stage. Remember what Gregory once said to Sam? "There will be no more rocks to hide under." Well, the moment has arrived. When a banished and broken Sam finds herself in Hel, unable to assume any other form than a goo resembling pond scum, she immediately imprisoned in the most hostile and expansionist hungry of elven kingdoms, and drawn into a conflict with at least three, separate agendas where human slaves are trapped squarely in the middle. Not only must she stop the angels who are planning to breed with captive demons, she must stop their elven accomplices and the evil mastermind behind the whole thing. Someone with an even more sinister plan...

AND she must fulfill her dreaded breeding contract with the horrific Ahriman, so twisted, hateful and thoroughly evil, yet still clinging to memories of angelic wrongdoings, dreaming of revenge. Phew, their interaction scenes were bone-chillingly repulsive. But of course, Sam wouldn't be Sam without her impish attitude and un-demonlike compassion, wit and foolhardy bravery. And then there are her two foster siblings, Dar and Leethu, so characteristically demonic in their own flawed ways. Yet so likeable, especially when they're making lewd jokes at Gregory's suggestion that she should "eat him". (Oh, PLEASE let us see Leethu seduce a couple of angels, Debra. They need their feathers ruffled and vibration patterns disturbed- BADLY! ;-P )

Things go from bad to worse for poor Sam in this book. Yet, by the end you will have a huge grin on your face, at least I did. I found myself giggling madly at her "misfortune" and obvious denial;-) It felt so right, though I can't say it was entirely unexpected, given the name of the last book. I am positive her impish attitude will stir up trouble where it is much needed in the next installment. Poor guys, if they were shocked at the end of this book, I bet they will be even more so very soon. In fact, the anticipation is already killing me! Poor, poor Sam. Life certainly won't get any easier for her from now. She will certainly be juggling a lot of responsibilities, and relationships. But it's all good;-)

So, I've been told we're heading into spin-off land next. There are so many sequels I'd love to read. Dar, Leethu, the Gate Guardian, Happy, Uriel, Gabriel, they all need their own spin-offs, along with Boomer.

That will keep me occupied while I wonder who Sam's "parents" are, why they gave her the devouring gift. As well as my questions regarding the human/demon long term relationship, will her new gifts play a part in Wyatt's future. Will we ever know what became of Samael. In fact, my poor head will be in a state of chaos until I can get these answers in the last book, but that particular feeling is only fitting, I guess;-)
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Jeanny I'm looking forward to your review. I'm so excited about starting this book. One of my fave series.

Marianne Mine too. I'm afraid I went a little overboard with the review. Lol.

Jeanny No way! I just finished the book & u didn't go over board on ur review... It's on the $ 6 stars lol loved the review!

Marianne Yeah, it was a great book. And now I do belive there's even hope for poor old Gabe;-) He probably just needs to get laid. Lol.

Jeanny Can you imagine Gabe & Leethu?! (-not sure on the spelling. That's sure to loosen him up. LOL

Marianne I was thinking more like tie him down and force him until he admits he likes it. Can't imagine he'll think she's good enough in the beginning. With him being so proud of his superior genetics/vibration level or whatever. But since Leethu doesn't want to get smacked around as much Gabriel is the perfect choice. No fighter and all. Lol;-)

Meigan I just read on her website that there will be a 6th book in the Imp series, Angel of Chaos - expected release late summer.

Marianne yes, and i think she even mentioned somewhere that there might, possibly, be even more. She originally planned 6 books. i never want this series to end 0:-)

Meigan Dammit I knew I couldn't tell you anything you didn't already know! For some odd reason, I thought 5 was the last, maybe because of the spinoffs.

Marianne Aaaw, sorry;-) I was surprised by the spin-offs too, but I'm guessing they might advance the plot in some way. Especially Dar's book. Possibly Nyalla's. How are you liking #5? The chips eating/zombie killing scene with Gabe cracked me up.

Meigan Haven't started it yet, I finished 4 in the wee hours this morning. I hope it's not going to be as bad for Sam as the last book alluded to. Especially with that damn skin paper, why ever did she sign it? And what is it with angels and chips, it's hilarious!

Marianne Oooh. it's BAD, really bad:'(
But let's not forget the danish. It makes yet another memorable appearance. Some light fun amidst all the despair. *sniffle*
You wanted emotional: Well, get ready;-)

Meigan Well shit, pastry throwing takes away some of my dread. Too bad he too isn't "completely human" or else Sam could shove it where the sun doesn't shine. That would shake him up a bit. But then he'd throw one of his door- slamming temper tantrums.

message 14: by Marianne (last edited Feb 07, 2014 08:39AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Marianne Haha! Love your comments, they're deliciously demonic;-) I hear Dar and Leethu have been active sowing some wild oats in your part of the world... Jeanny suggested a date (purely platonic of course) with Leethu. I think we should sign a petition and send it to Debra. Every angel deserves to have a good time, and since it's Gabe's first time, he needs someone experienced. Maybe he'd go easier on the doors afterwards.

Meigan Ha, possibly. All I know is, if/when both Gabriel and Gregory climax, it will most likely be too big to even fit on the "Taco Bell burrito scale of immense magnitude". That's a millennium sized case of blue balls. Leethu should offer Gabe some carnal relief, let's start that petition!

message 16: by Marianne (last edited Feb 07, 2014 12:35PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Marianne Yay! Debra will surely listen to us;-) Sent her a link to this crazy discussion, just to let her know we're not completely opposed to the Leethu/Gabe pairing. Yeees, I'm shameless. LOL;-)

Megan I concur, ladies. Leethu/Gabe??? MEOW!!

Marianne Ah good, because I added your name to the petition;-)

Meigan So, what do we have now...three names on the list. Should make for a very convincing argument. I am roughly 50% almost positive she may listen :)

Marianne 4 people! Which should make us 75% sure she'll listen, right? :)

Meigan Oh yeah, Jeanny made the list. So that makes the current stats even better...almost positively somewhat absolutely sure she will or will not listen to us.

message 22: by Marianne (last edited Feb 07, 2014 12:34PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Marianne Oh ye of little faith, I'm sure we can prove statistical significance... Or at the very least make Debra roll her eyes, and possibly, just possibly, indulge us. Even a one-nighter would be fun. Imagine Gabe having his wings licked. *sigh* Okay, time to reign in my very wicked fantasies.

message 23: by Marianne (last edited Feb 07, 2014 01:01PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Marianne debradunbar commented on Imp Series and Other Books. REPLY: I do have a book planned for Leethu in the future. I’d never leave her lonely,especially since she has begged Sam to find her an angel of her own. LOL on Gabe. Goodness, all the suggestions I get via e-mail etc. for how to corrupt that poor boy! He’d stroke out if he knew what ya’all had planned for him.

Jeanny You are a doll for sharing!

Marianne you're welcome. seems like we're not the only ones out there with filthy minds;-)

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