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The Scriptlings by Sorin Suciu
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it was amazing

Sorin Suciu has done something that I thought damn near impossible. He has taken a very Pratchett like sense of humor and pacing and placed it quite well in a modern setting.

"The Scriptlings" centers on two protagonist, each "Scriptlings" or students of magic.

Merkin is a natural, born to magic the same way a tigress is born to the hunt. She is the Scriptling of Master Dung, a paranoid, plagiarizing magician who steals his scriptlings work and calls it his own, has a fould temper and is all around as nice as a moldy piece of lunch meat served with tepid, algae laced water. Having had enough of him, after he had "grounded" her, Merkin uses a spell she devised in this magic system, based on computer code and syntax, and a plan involving a poor pizza delivery boy being murdered by Master Dung and kills him, fainting away as she does so. After a sereis of events involving two policemen and another man, she finds herself the scriptling of a new master, Master Sewer..

Then there is Simon. Simon has a degree in computer science and works at 'Second Cup' a coffee house. He is also about as magical as a stick of gum. Simon receives an email with a job offer, and decides to check it out. He goes to the supplied address to find a door with a computer mouse for a knocker. Using his keen gamer instincts he double clicks the mouse and the door is answered. The man who answers takes what Simon believes to be a geiger counter and scans him. Handing his a sheet of paper with some writing on it, the man ask Simon to decipher it. It's in latin, Simon know as much latin as a 3rd century Chinese Cat tamer, but he recognizes the writing as similar to computer code. As he is about to tell the man this, he is shot through the heart with a miniature crossbow, and dies. He wakes to a strange version of Toronto, and a talking staple with eyes hovering over him. Things progress, and "Stapley" the personal assistant informs him that he is being reconfigured by Master Loo. He wakes, Master Loo informs him that he is now his scriptling, telling him about magic and what not. After a bit of drinking, to celebrate this event, Loo informs Simon that he must pick a magician name, and offers the name Wart. Simon says that he will think of a name later, or if he doesnt' and wakes with a hangover, his magicians name will be the first thing he says when he wakes. In the morning, Loo wakes him and the first words out of his mouth are "Buggeroff". Say hello to the Scriptling, Buggeroff.

The rest of the novel involves a goat that thinks it's a snake, A world traveling Tribe, and the Ultimate computer virus. I fear of telling too much, due to spoilers and what not, but trust me, it's well worth the read.

I would venture as far as to call Mr. Suciu a budding Pratchett of North America, but somehow I don't think even Sir Terry could work the word, "BEYOTCH!" into one of his Discworld novels.

I really hop this is the beginning of a long and healthy series from Sorin Suicu. I would be first in line for a sequel.

Well Done!!
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21.0% "Full disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an online review. Well, that's 1/5 of the novel complete, and I have to say, I am very impressed. Suciu said that two of his writing idols were Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett, and it shows! not in a cheesey, ripped off way, but the humorous is there, not to mention the very Pratchett like footnotes interspersed throughout. cant wait to finish it up"
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Armina Sounds really interesting and funny :). Thanks for the rec Dave.

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