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Blood Promise by Richelle Mead
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Sep 26, 2009

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Ok, so what can I say about this book. I was really disappointed about this one, I was expecting so much more...

First of all everithing was really different from the previous books. She wasn't at the academy. She was without all her friends. And
Dimitri was not present in the book until 2/3 parts of the book were over. And when he finally appeared, he was one of the bad guys, treating her like sh*t.

I felt like a lot of things which I loved about the previous books were missing. There was no romance in this book. not even a bit.

The first half of the book was even boring. I liked the ending 'though. At least she got back to the academy and set things right.
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9.94% "This changes are a bit boring.Her in Rusia alone, killing and killing. I miss Dimitri."
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17.89% "A really slow beginning"
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valee OMG OMG OMG!
So this is why I hate to get hooked by YA books. With paranormal romance you just know that the book has a beginning and an ending. Every book in the series will be about a different couple and you always get the HEA!
But not with this series. I mean, don't get me wrong, I couldn't love this series anymore that what I do now, But it is like a big book divided in 6 small books.Which makes me wanna kill someone because I'm not good at waiting. I just need to see the HEA. And If I don't see Dimitri and Rose together I will dye... I love Dimitri. I don't wanna see him as one of the bads...

I guess I'll just have to read this book and see what happends. It just that I don't wanna end this book knowing that the next comes in a year from now. I am so frustrated. And I though this series would be bad... now I can't stop reading it.
I think that what turned me into an addict of this series was curiosity. It's like I need to know what happends next.

Sandra.D. auuugghhhh....Im not sure if Im ready to read this book right now...I just finished book #3 and i was NOOOO Dimitri...why? such a bummer!!!!! cause hes a bad guy now...OMG i wanted then to have a HEA!!!


message 4: by Mahyar (last edited Jul 22, 2010 07:50AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mahyar Ooh, you didn't like the bad Dimitri? I loved Strigoi side of hot.

valee Really? I really don't,lol. I just liked him so much more when he was all stubborn and training her.

Mahyar For me, Strigoi Dimitri>>>>>>>
But either way I just want Adrian to be with Rose.

valee I don't know what I want,lol. love them both!

Marissa I love Adrian! Hes my main man from the books! I loved pre-Strigoi Dimitri, but now I just don't know. lol

valee Exactly.

Desperado Great review, Lady Vale. I also felt like there were alot of things that I love about this series that were missing in this installment. I still liked it enough to give it 4 stars but the romance & Rose's relationship with Lissa were missed.

I liked Dhampire Dimitri & Strigoi Dimitri but now that I'm reading Spirit Bound, I'm definitely on Team Adrian. Rose should give the poor boy a chance & stop pinning over a guy who wants to screw, torture & kill her.

valee I know. But if you make me choose between the old Dimitri and Adrian I'll stay with Old Dimitri. He was really hot. But the strigoi Dimitri is an ass, I hate him.

Desperado Of course he's an ass! He's Strigoi. That kind of comes with the territory. I liked asshole Dimitri. He's the only one that can tell it like it is to Rose & actually have her LISTEN!

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Lady V, fabulous review, but I'm very wary of YA novels anymore. How does this compare with the House of Night series, which I just can't stomach any longer.

Fani *loves angst* Great review LV! This is my least favorite book of the series as well. I just finished book #5 however and I'm glad to say, it's as good as the previous books and much better than this one. And yes, I didn't like Strigoi Dimitri, but then I'm not a fan of Dimitri at all *ducks to avoid throwing vegetables!*.

I'll take Adrian over Dimitri anytime; I feel that Dimitri is too serious and responsible for Rose, who's already much more responsible than most people at her age. She needs someone to help her relax and take life easier, not stuff her up.

♥ Alexandria ♥ ♪ Lady Vale wrote: "Really? I really don't,lol. I just liked him so much more when he was all stubborn and training her."

I would agree with you there. I agree that he's hot in his Strigoi way. But Adrian can help her relax....

Katie really? You didn't see romance in the grieving with the family? Or in all the memory scenes? Even in the scenes with bad Dimitri what I saw was the conflict between how a woman thinks and how a man thinks. In this case all he did was not state what he thought rather than modifying his thoughts and voicing them in a more acceptable way. I couldn't believe she Xed him twice! I didn't like that. Thought she was immature not to question what she had previously believed and think for herself.

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