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Skylark by Meagan Spooner
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This book is divided into three sections and each section get better than the previous one. When I first started the book was a bit of a slog. The world was not that particularly compelling, nor did I find Lark much to recommend her. That said at least events made sense as her city moved against Lark to twist her ability to their own uses. Probably the shakiest parts of the story are the transitions between each section. Lark tends to make some really horrid decisions at these points and sets herself back and seemingly not for any concrete reason other than the author needed it so. If you can overlook these moments then you are in for one of the most compelling of relationships.

I'm talking about Oren. I loved and adored this boy and by the end was wanting Lark to throw caution to the wind and hare after this kid into the great unknown that is this future earth. I actually quite looked forward to every encounter she had with Oren. I loved that her journey was not contrived to bring her in contact with Oren and then to part them - every time they met or parted it felt organic to the events happening or the feelings of the individual characters.

I have to say what made my love of Oren even possible was the way this story was structured. We needed the first section, besides to setup the premise/conflict, to understand the world that Lark is heading out into. Even then you are somewhat confused and at loose ends, much like Lark herself you are taking things in one experience at a time. The middle of a story is where a lot of authors struggle to get it right and many times fail miserably - no so here. This story really is expertly woven and we get plenty of hints as to what events mean while Lark herself is flooding us with her own perspective on current events. This is so well done that you aren't exactly expecting the end even though it totally makes sense.

I like that everything that made up the world happened for a reason. In other words the world was well thought out. You might disagree with what the author chose to have happen but only as a matter or opinion not as a matter of it making some sort of sense. I loved the monsters in the book too - they were well thought out and make me long to explore the world more. I also loved the handful of magic pockets and the different experiences Lark had in them.

There is also a lot going on but not so much that you will get confused but enough that the end is not a forgone conclusion. Nix helps with this and she quite won me over as she did Lark. I would have totally trusted the little machine and perhaps been totally betrayed by it as well. Funnily enough we get no where with Basil, her missing brother, in this book. He's the only reason I kept reading the first section of the book and that is what I find so smart about this book - we get layers of well thought out story and characters and events that come together for a powerful book.

We have character sympathy, great stakes, plenty of read herrings and a compelling ending. The ending was a bit rushed - I'd have liked to see a little more happen with it and Lark's magic was so easily explained that it's almost suspect. I took one star off because an aspect of her magic didn't make sense to me and felt like a huge glaring mistake on the part of such well thought out everything else.

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