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The Circle by Dave Eggers
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it was amazing
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Update: The movie opens April 28th- in my area - with Tom Hanks.
Regardless - what people rated this book ---1 star or 5 star. It makes for an engaging discussion.
Yesterday Paul and I saw the movie trailer just BEFORE watching the YouTube update of the Apple Campus being built here in Silicon Valley... Steve Job's last creative design before he died. The 'Kingdom' ... haha in the ROUND off freeway 280 in Cupertino is like NOTHING I've ever seen built in the Bay Area in my lifetime.
I loved this book - it was FUN when I read it a few years ago ---it seems MORE scary to me now! I still recommend it.


Its a fabulous Satire with a cautionary tale!
--"Sharing is Caring"???
--"Secrets are lies"???
--"Privacy is theft"???

In the Jewish Religion -- Education is important. We are taught, "Learn in order to teach". (pass on knowledge).
In "The Circle" --their was a line which made me think about traditional religion:
Here's the line: (taken OUT of context to the 'whole' of the story)
"I understand that we're obligated, as humans, to share what we see and know. And all knowledge must be democratically accessible."
"We all have the right to know everything we can. We collectively own accumulated knowledge of the world." [I laughed to myself when I read that line --then said to myself --sounds like being Jewish]....lol

Back to This Book: (things to think about)
What are the costs for 'staying connected'? What are the costs of sharing? Letting the entire world in on your life? If you've nothing to hide--so what??? hm???

I highly recommend "The Circle"! THE BEST MODERN SATIRE!!!!!! Its company mission is: "Passion & Participation. They advocate 'Collective Knowledge', Collective Sharing' -- TRANSPARENCY. The 'Circlers' (people who work at "The Circle), are an inspiration when they Open themselves UP -- willing to share their life to further collective knowledge. They are assets to humankind! ---

In the fun of this page-turning novel:
You'll discover what a *Tru-You* account is: singular online identity anonymity account. (sound interesting?)---and what the benefits would be.

You'll learn about SUPER-DUPER CAMERAS the size of lollipops for only $59.
You'll get to know *Mae Holland* intimately!!!! (The 24 year old 'newbie' to "The Circle")!

To Buy the book:
Contact "The Circle" Company. Its a HOT NEW STORE! (found ---'everywhere')

DAVE EGGERS is a genius and must be WAY TOO much FUN!!!!
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message 1: by Pamela (new)

Pamela Fun review! :-)

Elyse Walters Thanks Pamela --It was a very fun book in my experience!

message 3: by Vipin (new) - added it

Vipin Yadav Reading your review is like reading a book :p

Elyse Walters You make me laugh - Vipin! Just think of all the time I save you..,lol.
Paul, my husband, says... I've told him do many stories 'about' books I've read ... That I have so many 'pretend' friends..(characters from books), ...,that he could write a funny paper mixing them all together. lol

message 5: by Vipin (new) - added it

Vipin Yadav HaHa that was funny xD

Your reviews are damn interesting, just like books..

Honestly, you don't reveal(spoil) anything about the book..you just write about your 'pretend' friends and reading that is fun xD

Elyse Walters You got me laughing out loud, here, Vipin!!!

I love our little pretend friends.

Milo is a new child favorite - he is forever 9 years old! lol

message 7: by Vipin (new) - added it

Vipin Yadav Me too!

Lynne Excellent review! I'm currently enjoying this book and can't wait to hear about Kaldin.

Margitte It was a great read indeed! And after reading your review, I have to smile a lot more :-))

message 10: by Samra (new)

Samra Yusuf thank you for the movie update....elyse
I have a mind to out someday and buy cd maybe....

Elyse Walters Samra....the young actress who is cast in the movie looks great for the role too.
This book got mix ratings .....'but personally....'
Dave Eggers is one of my favorite authors .... and Tom Hanks ....well we went to the same High School. The guy is EVERYTHING GREAT!

I hope the movie is good - Paul and I made a date to go see it April 28th. :)

Sharon Great review Elyse! I thought this book had major problems but was so entertaining, it got a 4 from me. I also recommend it to all because of the discussion factor! :)

Elyse Walters Hi Sharon - our local book club - 25 of us sitting in our monthly Sat. morning meeting --reserved table at Barnes and Noble... had the best discussion on this book. There are low one star rating Sunhigh five star ratings and everything in between..... it didn't matter because everybody thought it was one of our best books picked to chat about. It brings up so many relevant issues for people.
Have you seen photos of the new Apple Spaceship? lol. I think that's the nickname. It's so big - and so round .... lol amazing architecture.

Preetam Kumar I'm going to order this book....and I have watched the trailer too.....I don't why they cast Tom Hanks in almost every movie which is based on novels.....but he fits so perfectly with the character...I love his acting.....

message 15: by Sarah (new)

Sarah This one sounds interesting. Different. Nice, short review Elyse. I'm kidding you. =)

message 16: by Carol (new) - added it

Carol I'll be in line to see the movie. Can't wait to see what they do with it.

Ashley Glovasky The book is a page-turner for sure and I actually thought it was great. Like a 1984 gone wrong. I'm so excited for the movie!

Brigitte (OhHiLeoBooks) I just got the book today and it's definitely a page-turner in my eyes so far.

Elyse Walters Hi Guys....Preetam, Sarah, Carol, Ashley, and Brigitte

---I see I haven't been around here much --(forgive me)
Who has seen the movie?? I saw it --(the book had more details)
I thought it was 'fair'--enjoyed it --but the book 'was' better!
I sure adore the new 'it' girl. "Emma Watson" -- she seems to be 'everywhere' these days! She was wonderful in 'both' The Circle and Beauty and The Beast!!

Thoughts you guys have?

Jamie beauty_andthebook_ I really enjoyed this book, dying to see the movie soon!

Elyse Walters Hey Jamie!!!! Always a treat to bump into you. Also loved the book. Not all the details are in the movie - and some of the terminology is changed - but it's still fun. Emma Watson steals the movie. Tom Hanks role is smaller.
Let me know once you've seen it!

message 22: by Cindy (new)

Cindy I never connected this book with the movie that just came out!! Now I might have to read this book soon, especially bc I just read 1984. The parallels will be interesting.

message 23: by Lisa (new) - added it

Lisa Vegan There are so many negative reviews but I want to read it anyway. Glad that you rated it highly.

That building is really something! I'd love to see its entire insides!

message 24: by Lisa (new) - added it

Lisa Vegan There are so many negative reviews but I want to read it anyway. Glad that you rated it highly.

That building is really something! I'd love to see its entire insides!

Andrew Smith I found it to be be a fun book - not something to be taken too seriously, but a cautionary tale nonetheless. And I liked the way Eggers ended it too. But I thought Mae was a bit too naive, too easily taken in. And were were the people kicking back, the naysayers? A bit too neat for me really - but I still quite enjoyed it :)

Cynthia Just finished it this morning. Loved it so much!

message 27: by Anni (new) - rated it 4 stars

Anni I just watched the film on Netflix last night to see whether I had missed out when I reluctantly gave up on the novel which I had struggled with, although I've admired everything else written by him. Nine times out of ten, seeing a film version of a book I've read is usually a big disappointment, but this was one of the rare cases which I found not only immensely enjoyable, but so impressive that I am inspired to finish reading the novel, with apologies to Mr. Eggers!

Cynthia There is a movie on Netflix Streaming called Circle, but it is not the movie with Tom Hanks and Emma Watson. Not even sure it is based on this book.

I loved, loved, loved this book and could see it happening in my lifetime!

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