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Doubleblind by Ann Aguirre
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it was amazing

Let me just put it out there that I am an Ann Aguirre fan girl. I have only recently discovered the Sirantha Jax series and have been quite spoiled that I have gotten to read all three quite close together. The latest installment, Doubleblind, only furthers my enjoyment of this series.

Sirantha Jax is an ambassador on a mission to try to get Ithiss-Tor to join the Conglomerate. The Morgut, hideous almost unstoppable creatures are on the rise, literally eating their way through space. The Ithtorian people have built somewhat of defense against the Morgut, and the Conglomerate really needs them on their side. Jax is there to answer questions and convince them the humans, which Ithtorians look upon with disgust and lower class, are worthy of this alliance. Jax is not one to normally hold her tongue and you would never describe her as diplomatic. Yet, Tarn has deemed her with this job and she really wants to take it seriously. Vel, an Ithtorian who has been by her side and who is from Ithiss-Tor but no longer considers it his home planet, schools Jax in all of the customs, politics, and nuances she needs so she does not inadvertently give offense to the Ithtorians. It is going to be hard to convince them to join, and any little offense will give them cause to back away from the agreement.

Her personal life is also in chaos. At the end of Wanderlust, March had to go on a killing spree, and he has reverted back into a shell of a man. Even the gentlest of touches triggers an extreme violence response from him. The person that brought him out of the darkness last time is now dead, and Jax is left navigating unknown terrain. If she can not find a way to bring him around, the consequences will be deadly. And although he is lost and she has no idea what will happen in the future, somewhere deep inside of him, there is hope. One of my favorite scenes from Grimspace, which I happened to quote in that review, comes full circle in Doubleblind - as Jax says:

"Do you remember what you said to me when I was screaming my head off over things other people couldn't see?" I ask at last.
He's a few paces behind me and to the left. I can't see his face, but I know the silence means he's thinking. "I'll always come for you, Jax."
I smile.

One of my favorite aspects of this series is Jax. I love her as a heroine and this book really allows Jax to shine. It shows that she has reached a certain maturity. She finds herself on a critical mission and having the man she loves literally a shell of what he used to be. There are many times she wants to throw in the towel - if she has to bow or pretend she enjoys mingling for one more second she wants to scream. But she reigns it in, knowing what she is doing is for the greater good. She is stubborn but she also listens and follows the advice of her peers. She is not too proud to rely on her friends. I can't count how many times I have read a heroine who is too stubborn or proud to follow a friend's advice and ends up getting herself in trouble. That scenario drives me nuts. Yes, Jax still gets in trouble and finds herself in danger - but she relies on her crew and friends while still holding on to her independence.

I also adored Vel in this book. His patience, understanding and devotion to Jax continues to show what an ally he is to her and the crew. You really come to understand how the "outside world" has affected him and almost abandoned him within his home planet. As Jax learns the customs of the Ithtorians, she starts to see how different Vel has come to be and realizes she truly has a remarkable friendship with him.

If you are a fan of this series, you know the ending will have you flipping through the calendar to see when the it is time for the next in the series. This book puts things into motion that I can not wait to see where they go from here.
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Joy Great review--Jax & March are breaking my heart

Mandi Schreiner Love them!

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