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Raven Rise by D.J. MacHale
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Sep 18, 2009

really liked it

This is the "penultimate Pendragon," as D.J. MacHale himself calls it. And boy, is it full of everything needed to lead into the final chapter of this series that literally spans all of space and time.

It has come back to Second Earth. Bobby, trapped on Ibara by his own hand, has a painful revelation to make. He hasn't stopped Saint Dane. Instead, the demon has freed himself and is now launching his final plan to bring about the Convergence and his ultimate goal. And he has, at last, chosen Bobby's home as the battleground.

A terrifying cult leader named Alexander Naymeer brings millions under his sway, pointing Second Earth toward a vision of utopia with a horrifying dark side. Mark and Courtney struggle to keep their heads in the game even as their ties to Bobby pull them into the center of the conflict. Saint Dane and his accomplice Nevva Winter come up with the most brutal and fiendishly intelligent plans yet. And Bobby, fighting with the pain of his own duty, ethics, choices, and responsibilities, will either triumph or shatter beneath it all.

Everything in this book is bigger. The series gets progressively darker, scarier, more suspenseful, more wrenching, more intense. Strange new twists get thrown in, things you weren't expecting at all. And the ending leaves you at the edge of a cliff at the end of all things, waiting to see what the final fight for Halla will bring. I am really counting on MacHale not to fumble this ending, and to take some of the strange concepts he's introduced and make them work well instead of fall flat. I can't wait!
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Quotes Victoria Liked

D.J. MacHale
“As I stood there, looking into the eyes of the Travelers, something happened. For each one of those brief moments, I reconnected with a true friend. Though no words were exchanged, they were each telling me the same thing. They were with me. I truly believed that if I had asked any one of them to follow me through the gates of hell, I'd have to hold them back from going in first.”
D.J. MacHale, Raven Rise

D.J. MacHale
“The two circled around the back of the house, making sure that nobody saw them. Once inside, they found Patrick right where they had left him, sitting in front of Mark's computer. The only difference was that he was surrounded by bags of Doritos and cans of Mountain Dew. He looked up at them with wild eyes.
You okay?" Courtney asked.
I'm fantastic!" Patrick exclaimed. "This sugary drink is incredible!"
Swell," Courtney remarked sarcastically. "He's wired on Dew.”
D.J. MacHale, Raven Rise

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