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Burger Wuss by M.T. Anderson
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Sep 18, 2009

did not like it
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Category/Genre: M.T.Anderson

This book ran with the typical teenage stereotypes, but went a little too far. When a high school boy walks in on a guy making out with his girlfriend, he does whatever he takes--steal, lie, hurt others--to get revenge. Language and graphic imagery made this book hard to get through, as well as the stupidity of the main character, Anthony. Through Anthony's eyes, we saw what was supposed to be the average teenager fall in love, get his first job at a fast-food restaurant, go to parties where everyone gets drunk and makes out, and see him take revenge on the person he hated most. The irony is this really isn't the typical life of a teenager, although the peer pressures and immaturity is there. The book ends without any real resolution, and it's difficult to see the protagonist as anything but stupid. Honestly, if someone is looking for a book that represented the average teen life, this would be the last book I'd recommend.

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