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Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr
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Sep 16, 2009

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Smokers should read this. My 2 issues with this book, aside from all the repetition, which I believe is unfortunately necessary to do the reverse brainwashing, is that 1. he insists nobody enjoys the taste of cigarettes (not true, I DO like the way certain cigarettes taste... though, admittedly, not the ones I was smoking regularly and not ones I can easily get in the States anymore), and 2. he insists that you have to work to enjoy smoking because it is so distasteful and difficult to begin with (i.e. choking, coughing, nasty taste, etc.). Also not true. I loved cigarettes from the minute I had my first one, and I didn't choke, cough, find the smell or taste bothersome, etc. I just loved the feeling of being a teeny bit high coupled with the sense of everything coming into sharp relief. i.e. I am very susceptible to nicotine addiction, apparently!

I have quit smoking at least half a dozen times in 21 years, but never for more than 11 months at a stretch, and never without severe anxiety, depression, nightmares, super-bitchiness, and indigestion, as well as brain fog. I wonder how much of that is the mental/psychological brainwashing about being an "addictive personality", etc. His book did get me to think about quitting differently, not as giving something up but as getting free. So it will be interesting to see if I stay quit this time.

I found this at the thrift shop and paid $1 for it... was already feeling like stopping smoking when I began reading it yesterday (turns out I was already sick with a chest cold or flu that has got me home today). Haven't smoked in about 30 hours, and have no desire to. So we'll see.

The book is worth reading if you are tired of quitting and starting again. Might get you to see things differently this time around.
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