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My Unfair Lady by Kathryne Kennedy
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Sep 16, 2009

really liked it
bookshelves: historical
Read in November, 2009

Born and raised in the infamous town of Tombstone, frontier lass Summer Lee is far from one of London's gently breed society ladies. But London is where she is looking to hire a titled man to teach her the ways of ladies.

You see, after Summer's father made a fortune doing this and that, he uprooted her to New York city where a handsome young man named Monte caught her fancy, and he's asked her to marry him, but his family snubs their nose at her because of her lack of propriety. Summer's not too suave when it comes to upper-class formalities.

So it's off to London for some training. Lord Byron, Duke of Monchester finds himself filling that precarious position as his need for the money she offers overrides his better judgment.

Neither Byron nor Summer are looking for a love match. But after much time spent attending balls, and dinners and the occasional deal that may or may not include a kiss, as well as a dose of danger. Summer and Byron are finding it easy telling their heads nothing is happening between them. It's trying to convince their hearts. That stubborn organ doesn't appear to want to listen.

I enjoyed this book immensely. I've read Kathryne Kennedy's Relics of Merlin series and while those are filled with magic, I felt that My Unfair Lady was filled with magic as well. Not in the paranormal sense, but in the writing. Ms. Kennedy weaved her characters together in such a way that you could feel Summer as her unconventional behavior penetrates Byron's cold façade, chipping away the layers to the true man beneath. And the love between them felt as accidental as it was meant to be. Another sweetly sensual tale weaved and brought to life by one of my favorite writers! However, I did grow a bit concerned with the continued motivation of Summer toward the end to continue carrying the pretense she wanted to be a lady for the sake of her vow to Monte. But all in all, it moved along swiftly. And I adored the secondary cast of 'critters'. Most especially, India, the monkey!

The moral of this story...Be happy for being who you are. Don't change yourself for love or for social standings, love will find you. The right person will embrace you, stand beside you, and support you for being you. And that's what both Summer and Byron learn in this book. My Unfair Lady is a remarkable tale of love and acceptance.

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