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Not Quite a Husband by Sherry Thomas
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Sep 15, 2009

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Read from November 08 to 10, 2010

** spoiler alert ** This was a book I had to swing about whether it was three or a four star book. Ultimately I chose three stars and I will explain why

Thomas has again written a story where the hero and heroine have met fell in love and married only for the rose coloured ending we usually expect has crashed and burned. In this case the heroine Bryony and the Hero Leo have had their marrige annulled due to what appears to be a marrige that had Bryony protrayed as a fridged shrew.

It is at this point that Bryony, after the humilation of having been the subject of Gosip (midly appealling, socially unacceptable female surgeon has split from the intelligenty whitty mathmetiacl genius known as Leo) is working in India.

Leo comes to her through some such long winded story to tell her that her half sister has written to tell him that her father is very ill and she is to return to london.

So off leo and Bryony trek across the Indian landscape and end up into such scrapes.. blah blah blah. This is all just background plot convinince stuff which I paid little attention to as they provided the necessary devices for to get to the heart of the story. Bryony and Leo reconciling (Yes they do get back together)

And this is why I found it difficult to choose 3 or 4 stars.

Thomas is an excellet weaver of tales in getting her two star crossed lovers together and she shows the misunderstandings really well. You generally feel for both parties, though when I found out why Bryony had turned so frosty towards her husband, I did swing more towards her.

But we see that this instant frostyness isn't a sudden trait and through revelations on her relationships with her family members, we gt a more rounded picture of her. She builds walls round her heart and as one character comments, she was rigid that they were scared that she would break. The hurt she felt ran deep and it carries on for two or three years.

IT is a suddent shift in her demour and reactions that really made me mark down.

To paraphrase the details what happened during the marrige that in an attempt to try to make Bryony more passionate and open with him, Leo would sneak into her bedroom and sleep with her, in various positions, until Bryony barred the door. Now when Leo, who was suffering from malaria is lying in his bed, Bryony does the exact same. Now at first I thought this was all a dream and that LEo was imagining it but then he opens his eyes and here is Bryony above him, making love to him. NOw she seemed really cheesed off when she was married to him so why did she do the exact same.

Thomas just seemed to change Bryony's character from a very guarded indiviual to a wanton hussy in a few chapters and it really annoyed me.

Apart from that all the bedroom and bathroom scenes were really hot and full of passion of two people really in love, but this change in Bryony detracted somewhat.

I have the next book she has written on my TBR pile and I will be intrested in seeing what she does next
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86.0% "whizzing through this book. I do like Thomas's ability to show after the happy ever after."

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