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King of Sword and Sky by C.L. Wilson
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Sep 14, 2009

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So everyone on the page knows that we have the good noble Fey fighting the bad evil Mages. The Fey King, Rain Eras has discovered Ellie, his true mate(the Fey are blessed with the impossible- a guaranteed forever good loving relationship) among the regular humans of the neighboring kingdom of Ciliria. He has claimed her and now they are working to complete their bond, destroy the Eld(mages), save the Fey and the big, flying cats which are their kin.
I would have given the book even better points, except for the black and white morality is hard to swallow for me. First of all, the Eld(thats Magepeople) are humans. The Fey are a tribe of near immortals. So, Im immediately sort of willing to give the Eld the benefit of the doubt. Second, Rain is not a thinker, so his hate of the Eld isn't moving me. Also, Rain is a mass murderer and that hurts his credibility. I don't feel inclined to see all mages, much less all Eld as evil. Even Vadim Maur, the High Mage isn't exactly easy to hate. Sure, he is the evil genius, and he uses all the races in experiments. And he does torture people. But I can sort of see the Fey and their love-bonds and all their "Im a warrior and noble and I die for love" B. S. driving anyone to that extreme. If I was a mage Id be telling them to shove their true-mates up their pompous behinds too. From there its just a short step to actually shoving them there yourself, and using a hot poker to help you. If you think thats gross, don't read the book. It gets worse.
Other then that the book is a nice read. And I think it is starting to gain a bit of self humor. Even the Fey are starting to take themselves a little less seriously with the introduction of Gaelen vel Serranis who weilds the magic of common sense. If only he was Ellies true mate instead of Rain..... but then Ill bet Ellie thinks that too. Im pretty sure she goes around grumbling " Yeah, bitch. Your name is Rain because you rain all over my good time by constantly nagging." Thats Ok. There are plenty of good characters even if the main male lead isn't one of them.

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