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The Sword of the Lady by S.M. Stirling
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Sep 11, 2009

really liked it

I enjoy S. M. Stirling's post-apocalyptic fiction. It reminds me a bit of George R. R. Martin: you never know who's going to get killed off. I like that brutality and unpredictability.
I've been noticing for a couple of books now that the author's style seems to be changing. He telegraphs any major character death, sometimes for books before it actually happens. The unexpected element is gone, and that makes the books safer, but somehow less enjoyable. The books are turning into a more traditional fantasy quest, and I'd like a bit more of an original take.
This book moved faster than the previous two in the trilogy. However, it looks like Stirling is still only halfway through his story arc. I enjoy reading about the cultures he's created, and he can still write a good battle scene. However, the kinder, gentler, less edgy S. M. Stirling books are less gripping that his older works. Don't get me wrong- he's still a top-tier writer.

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