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Fire & Ice by Michele Barrow-Belisle
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Sep 01, 2013

it was amazing

Ahhhh I'm not even sure where to start this review. First off Michele is not only a talented and amazing writer, but I feel like I've really gotten to know her and I've loved "talking" to her and can only wish the very best for her with this book tour as well as future books!!!

Okay so not only did I absolutely and utterly fall in love with this book, but I need more. Like right now!!! And not only did I love the story line and characters and the entire world of Mythlandria and everything else about this book, but I want it as a movie!!! All I kept thinking through the entire book is how amazing this would be to watch. It's like Lord of the Rings meets Harry Potter meets Alice in Wonderland mixed with some awesomeness. And all I want to do is see what this world that Michele has created looks like.

The story starts of with Lorelei and we learn she has a special gift. I find her gift pretty cool, but I can understand why it might be difficult to handle. Anyways Lorelei's mom is kinda crazy and I honestly can't stand the woman. But Lorelei's life is kind of crazy and upside down most days and on one of those such days a stranger walks into her life. Beautiful sexy wonderful Adrius. This is one of the many favorite scenes from this book. And so begins the tornado "relationship" that is Adrius and Lorelei.

Lorelei basically finds out that she isn't just a human. She's also part fairy. And Adrius ends up taking her to his homeland in Mythlandria. Ohhh Mythlandria. This world is like nothing I've ever read or seen. It's filled with so much good and evil and magic and fae and elves and other creates that I've never even dreamed about. It's soooo not in the ordinary that it makes it nothing short of perfect amazingness. You really can't trust anyone in this world. Even our dear hero Adrius. Speaking of Adrius he has a complex issue or something because he is hot and cold the entire book. Not only that but he has love/hate relationship with pretty much everyone. His father, his brother....and let me tell you that is a whole other review in itself. One with Lorelei, Zantheil and (my term) the evil Queen. I got whiplash too many times to count with his constant shift of mood swings. But I think the one that got me the most was his relationship with Lorelei. I mean the entire book you are rooting for them to work it out and somehow make it work. You even laugh and have aww moments and sad moments and fearful moments and even some tear jerker moments when it comes to their relationship.

And what's a complicated relationship without drama and more complication? Not one worth talking about that's what. So that brings us to one of my favorite characters; Zanthiel. Now I will tell you...homeboy is brutal. I mean his mother is a horrid cow and he's fae and belongs to the darkest court and is the Prince of darkness and all and him and Adrius hate each other (again there's another whole review there) ohhh and he stalked Lorelei when she was a child and he's got a thing for her currently. I mean yeah again he's brutal...but I'm kinda rooting for him....I...I just have this feeling that he could be one of those guys that could truly change with the right tools. Regardless...I really like him and he only adds the the complexity and keeps the reader interested in this story.

So Lorelei is sent on a quest/journey to save Mythlandria. It's a challenging and interesting quest she is put on, especially when she doesn't even know her potential and need to channel magic and is in a land where things are just....odd. But hey let's be optimistic. Adrius and Zantheil end up helping her along the way and this trio is interesting and I found lots of humor in the awkwardness.

Overall, this book was EPIC!!! I was hooked from the first mention of pixies and fae and witches and magic. Michele created an amazing world and amazing characters that you just have to need to know more about. You can't wait to get more information and know how their lives are going to work out. You also can't trust anyone. Those who are "good" and you should find out you can't. And those that are supposed to be "evil" may not be so bad. I cannot wait till the next book because I'm pretty sure it's going to be even better than the first!!! This is not a quick read, but sooooo worth it. The detail and imaginary that go into this book is will capture your imagination and just take off. So make sure to go get your copy because it is sooooo worth it!!!!
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