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Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
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Sep 11, 2009

did not like it
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Recommended to June Junebug by: Over-hyped mainstream media.
Recommended for: Those who fantasize about others stalking and/or being possessive of them.

→ Minor characters are personable and possess realistic traits.

→ Vampires wield unconventional (not to mention unrealistic for any undead creature) capabilities; it is unconventional in negative ways. Examples include procreating, still alive after being staked through the heart, sparkling, and being fang-less (do they gnaw people to death?; ripping people apart with one's hand makes a vampire not).
→ Unrealistic reactions to certain circumstances—ie: acting melodramatic if people find out Edward sparkles when exposed to sunlight. Why is this considered such a terrible thing? If Edward turned to dust in sunlight, then he should worry.
→ Main characters are bland and overdramatic without reason; minor characters are much more interesting, likable, realistic, and have more personality.
→ Little to no character development; plot development is lacking and predictable.
→ Male protagonists are creepy, mean, boring, possessive, whiny, and have stalker-like tendencies (why is this attractive?).
→ Female protagonist is overdramatic about nothing, boring, whiny, needy, and dimwitted.
→ Misogyny, patriarchy, misogyny.
→ The worst writing I've come across...ever. I felt as though I was reading the diary of the most immature 13-year-old in the entire world.

CONCLUSION: This could hardly be considered a vampire/werewolf novel—the vampires aren't vampires and the werewolves aren't werewolves (since when were werewolves able to shift forms—at will—during the day, especially without a full moon?). Meyer is not "breaking convention"—she has twisted it to fit the rape culture and destroyed the vampire lore. The saga also manages to insult, not only vampires and werewolves, but it also insults women. Others have already explained it and I think Mark Reads Twilight (great explanation here and here, here, and here) explained it best. People also need to stop comparing Twilight to other vampire novels and Harry Potter because it doesn't even come up to par with My Sister the Vampire. I can understand why preteens would love this book—they would have to have been conditioned to want a vampire to stalk them, come out of nowhere, and save them when they stupidly walk down a dark alley at midnight—but I don't understand why adults would find this novel compelling. There is no love, no story, no action, and no character. All in all, it's a great read for the lulz and the headdesk moments but if you want a serious vampire novel, you should look elsewhere. I recommend the Jaz Parks series starting with Once Bitten, Twice Shy (after you've read Dracula, of course).
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