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Daredevil, Volume 14 by Ed Brubaker
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Sep 10, 2009

it was amazing
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Mohammed Are you a fan of Daredevil ? I have been reading DD since 2005 when i started reading superhero comics.

Brubaker is my fav writer in comics right now along Garth Ennis cause of DD,Captain America,Criminal,Incognito,Sleeper.

Adam I have been a big comics fan for my whole life, but the only superhero titles I have kept up with pretty consistently are Batman and The Punisher.

Lately, however, I have been getting back into titles I read intermittently when I was younger, like Daredevil, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Luke Cage/Power-Man, the Avengers, etc.

I totally agree with you about Brubaker. He's a great comic-book writer. He doesn't try to "transcend the genre" or anything like that. He just writes consistently great stories. I was introduced to him when my friend lent me the first two collected volumes of Sleeper and the first volume of Criminal. I thought they were great, so I starting reading all of his work on Captain America and now I am catching up with his run on Daredevil.

So far I think his writing for Daredevil is fantastic. It's making me want to go back and catch up with Daredevil's Frank Miller years, in the '80s. Have you ever any of those?

message 3: by Mohammed (last edited Sep 12, 2009 03:35AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mohammed Thats why i like Brubaker, he doesnt get hype as Morrison does for writing "trippy" metaphysics BS. He is great at superhero,best crime writer in comics,spy,thrillers he does real well too.

I read Bru first with Sleeper which was great cuz of him and Sean Phillips art. I was a fan even then.

Frank Miller made me a comic book fan in 2004/2005. I read Sin City and was blown by the art,the over the top Noirish writing,character.

His Daredevil run i read after that, Born Again is DD perfected. So thats why i became Daredevil fan. Why he is my fav superhero along with Batman.

Who made me like Batman ? Year One,The Dark Knight Returns Again by a certain Miller ;)

Adam Yeah, Sleeper was my introduction to Brubaker. Great stuff. I also liked Criminal: Coward. I'm looking forward to reading more of the Criminal books.

I love Year One and the Dark Knight Returns, but for me, Miller really went downhill in the '90s. I didn't really like Sin City. The art was great, but the stories and dialogue didn't do it for me.

But reading the Brubaker/Lark DD books is making me want to go back and read the Frank Miller/Klaus Janson years of DD. When Miller is good, he's good.

message 5: by Mohammed (last edited Sep 20, 2009 10:41AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mohammed Oh i forgot this speaking about Brubaker i have a an extra reason to like him. It was him who first told me about Richard Stark books. I was reading the first issue or the second Criminal and the first Noir special feature at the back was about Point Blank. Brubaker said how the film was cool and how much the writer meant to him. How nobody did Noir like Richard Stark.

Thats how i started reading Stark,Westlake and the amazing Parker books. Which is funny it was only a few years ago i saw my fav crime author's name by chance.

Adam I stumbled upon the Richard Stark books completely randomly. I was in the Mystery section of the bookstore, and picked up "The Man With the Getaway Face." The description looked good, so I bought it. I read it, and I was blown away. After that I couldn't get enough of Stark/Westlake's novels.

I'm not surprised that Brubaker was talking up "Point Blank" and the Parker novels. His sensibility is one I really relate to.

Speaking of the Parker series, Mohammed, have you ever seen the film "The Outfit," with Robert Duvall?

Mohammed Heh seeing those books in the bookstore, that would never happen over here.

No i havent seen The Outfit, i have read its recommended unlike the other Parker films. Despite Duvall not being a Parker exactly.

Adam A lot of the Stark books are pretty hard to find over here, too, but books two through six in the series were reprinted in trade paperback editions a few years ago, to coincide with "Comeback" and "Backflash." That's how I discovered the series. After that, though, they get tougher to locate. I spent a fair amount of time and money tracking down books seven through 16 in the series. (And I'm glad I did, "The Seventh" and the four "Score" books are some of my favorites in the series.)

"The Outfit" is fantastic. I saw it on the big screen recently, and I loved it. Duvall was not exactly Parker, but he was great anyway. And the movie really captured a lot of things about the novels that I like, and that no other movie has quite gotten right. It's definitely worth seeing if it's ever on TV or you see it in the video rental store.

Mohammed Thats good to hear The Outfit film. I have wanted to see it just to see if any film captured things from the books.

About the new Parker books Comeback and onwards seems to be easy to find in print according to Amazon. Both UK,US sites.

The Seventh is one of my favs but i thought The Score being the first Score book was the weakest of the series so far . The heist,villain was too weak story wise.

Except the first 3 books who are the same story i think the others rank so far like this:
The Seventh
Rare Coin Score
The Mourner
The Jugger
The Handle
The Score

I really enjoyed Rare Coin Score and hope the next Score book is of similar power,as crisp.

message 10: by Adam (new) - rated it 5 stars

Adam I actually really like "The Score," but the four "Score" books I was referring to don't include it. They start with "The Rare Coin Score," which was the first book in the Parker series after they stopped being published by Pocket Books and Fawcett Gold Medal picked them up, followed by:

"The Green Eagle Score"
"The Black Ice Score"
"The Sour Lemon Score"

All are fairly different from one another, and all are really good, although "The Sour Lemon Score" is probably my favorite of the four.

Mohammed Ah my bad two of those books i'm trying to wait for next year since they are the next realese of Parker reprinting.

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