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Sep 10, 2009

it was ok
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Having been brutally let down by Mead’s Vampire Academy series, I was afraid to read this installment of Succubus. I still loved Georgia, though there was no love lost for Seth. He could have died in this installment for all I cared, though I knew he would not. But as Mead has so willingly proven, she isn’t afraid to destroy her characters in order to add length to her series, and just as I feared, she butchered Georgia.

This story was BORNING! Granted I gave it three stars, because even a boring book about Georgia Kincaid is significantly better than a lot of the other crap being published these days, but this series has taken a nose dive. I’m so disappointed! Prior to this installment, I sympathized with Georgia, now I don’t. I thought she was funny, now I think it’s sad that after a millennium, snide humor is all Georgia has to offer. I once thought Georgia to be resourceful, now I think she must have sold some brain cells along with her soul. Georgia causes her own problems in her eternal life by her inability to learn anything! Angsting over the Succubus trying to steal Seth’s soul, here’s a thought, why don’t you tell him to avoid her? Don’t want to taint his darkened soul by doing him, how about tell him the reasons behind your non-actions and let him decide? Heart getting broken every time a mortal man dies from loving you, stop screwing around with mortal men, well, aside from the one’s you have to do. Seems like logic to me, but despite having lived for centuries, Georgia might as well be socially retarded. At this point, I feel as though she deserves to spend eternity as a minion of hell, cause the last thing we mortals need, is another idiot walking around.

I was also severely let down by the lack of angst between Georgia, Seth and Maddie. I was so distraught after reading Succubus Heat that I wasn’t sure how my poor heart would mend. If I had known it would be such a non-issue, I wouldn’t have worried. What was the point of all that build up if it was going nowhere? That’s the equivalent of spending night after night, day dreaming about some crush that you can never have, only to get him, and discover he can’t get it up. Seth should have graveled, begged for mercy, and Georgia should have held him accountable for his shit actions. The fact that she lovingly accepts him back without even giving him a hard time makes me want to heave.

This book read like filler. We already knew about Georgia’s past, and the “revelations” might as well have slapped readers across the face they are so obvious. Mead could have skipped this installment all together and simply written the conclusion to her series. As it were, there is one more book, but as I can already predict everything that will happen in the last book, I have no desire to read it. The best characters in this series are now Roman and Carter and I doubt they will be getting any page time. I’m marking Mead off my list.
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Crystal Woohoo!

Tatiana Nice one:) I especially enjoyed that bit about your dream boy being unable to get it up:)

Heather LOL, that might have happened :)

Tatiana I think I need more info. E-mail me:0)

Crystal Heather wrote: "LOL, that might have happened :)"

LMAO! I am not sure I want to know where that story goes...

Crystal Good review =) I completely agree with you, we didn't learn anything new and the dreams were sooo boring!

Heather Probably not Crystal, but I'm sure you can guess :)...

This book was just a waste. Nothing happened and we didn't learn anything we hadn't already suspected and now G gets on my nerves and I'm just indifferent to Seth. Even hate is better than indifference, imo.

Crystal Uh oh was this the hot gym guy?? Say it isn't so!

I will read the last book but I know how its going to end BLECH! I have got to start reading other genres!

Heather Oh no, it was a long time ago. I was a sophmore in college. God, I feel old saying that being a sophmore in college was a long time ago, lol.

I say that too, but I don't like other genres, I think they are more boring than this book was :).

Tatiana How come there is some hot gym guy and I don't know about him?

Heather There is a hot guy at my apt. gym, and I have told you about him, but I think he has gotten lost in the shuffle with all the other cutie's I have mentioned.

This guy wears vans while working out, lol. But I think him to be very cute, and he lives in the unit right up from me. He has this old chevy that he is restoring that looks amazing and he has some hot tattoo's too. He has inspired me to go pretend I'm working out just so I can meet him, lol

Tatiana You never told me about this one - there was that Kevin, the fireman, the quiet one, the one who helped you dispose your garbage, don't remember any gym guys. I iz feeling left out:)

Crystal Fireman?? Garbage helper?? Okay now I feel left out LOL!! You know I am an old married girl who needs lively conversation =)

Heather Kevin, I suspect, is a homos*xualist, the fireman saw me fall in dog poo, and lives with a woman, the quiet one I forgot about, hmmm, and I'm trying to burn the one who helped with my garbage from my memory as I have yet to recover from my mortification on that one, lol.

There is nothing to tell with gym dude, I saw him a few times as I was in route to the cancer box (tanning bed) and saw him sweating in work out glory. So, I grudgingly got a cute workout outfit so I can go prance around in the gym and ask for assistance with the equipment :)

Tatiana You see, Heather, we are living vicariously through you, so you'd better deliver details on all your hunky neighbors:)

Heather Crystal, there was this incredibly good looking guy (fireman) that lived one unit up. I saw him a few times cleaning out his car, and one day, I saw him working on his car, so I leashed up Milton (notorious man catcher) and started walking about. Well, it had snowed, there was ice all over the sidewalk, I slipped and landed in dog poo right in front of the hot fireman. *dies*.

But more mortifying is garbage man. So, one night about two weeks ago night, B.O.B. (battery operated boyfriend) died. It was tragic. Nearly cried when I threw him in the garbage. So when I got home from work that next afternoon, I leashed up Milton, tied up the trash, and walked to the compactor. On the way, a kind male neighbor, also in route to the compactor, kindly offers to take my garbage. I thank him and hand it over. Two seconds later I think SH!T, b.o.b.'s in there, please god don't let him be pressed against the bag. So the guy goes to sling the bag into the compactor, and as he does, my bag comes untied and b.o.b. rolls out. *dies*

Heather Okay. Maybe I should write a blog. Its hard to keep track, lol.

Crystal LMFAO!!! The poo story was hilarious but you totally topped it with garbagate! You should write a blog! You poor thing LOL. I think I would have to move.

You should ask gym hottie if he can help you do chin ups ;)

Yes T, Heather is a great single friend to live through lol! How long have you been married?

Tatiana I've been married for almost 2, but we've been together 7. No neighborhood hotties for me for a very long time:)

How about you?

Heather Eh, I'm not going to move, probably made his day.

Well, I have to work up to that, but I'll get there, eventually, maybe :).

Crystal We have been together for 13 and married for 10. I feel so old! We met when I was still in high school so I really haven't been into the hottie scene in a very long time lol.

Heather you are braver than me lol! I give you major props =) are you still seeing Steven?

Heather Noooo! I ended that and we had our last hoorah (blow up) last week. That last nail got hammered into the coffin, thank vati.

Crystal He doesn't sound like a great guy so I'm glad you got rid of him =) on to better and greater men!

Heather LOL. I love how everyone tells me that after the fact...

Crystal Just trying to be supportive either way lol =)

Heather I know. If I weren't so blunt, I probably would stay mum on such thoughts myself. I have no filter, but even I know when I'm speaking out about an impossible situation, still doesn't stop me, but I'm weird like that, lol.

Tatiana Oh Heather, as if you'd listen to us:)

Heather Fair point :)

message 29: by Jean (new)

Jean Your Phrase: " Georgia might as well be socially retarded" nailed the series..

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