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The Wanderer by Sharon Creech
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Sep 09, 2009

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The Wave by, Todd Strasser is about a teacher named Ben Ross who makes an experiment to show the kids in his class what it was really like to be a Nazi. In beginning of the book Mr. Ross shows the kids a movie about the Holocaust. This was shocking and horrifying for them. Mr. Ross explains to the class that only ten percent of the population was Nazi’s at this time but everyone was afraid to stand up to the leader, Adolf Hitler. The next day he writes STRENGTH THROUGH DISCIPLINE on the blackboard. Students are required to sit up straight, and when answering questions, stand by their desks and spit out the answers. This was the start of the movement called “The Wave”. Weeks go by and the experiment is still going on. Many parents begin to get mad at Mr. Ross because all of their children are losing what makes them different from one another. Each child had to sit together at lunch and do the same things. By the end of the book Ben Ross has an assembly to tell the kids “The Wave” was over. The reason why he ended it was because everyone lost his or her originality and the experiment was way too successful.

In The Wave the Ben Ross’s wife never liked the idea of having the movement. I agreed with her when she said that the kids were loosing their originality. At the beginning of the book when Mr. Ross first started the experiment it was a good idea but by the end I did not agree with what he was doing.

I really liked reading The Wave by, Todd Strasser because it was really interesting and captivating to watch the transformation of the kids from before the movement and after. This book made me realize that we are very fortunate to live in a country where independent thinking is encouraged. In Nazi Germany the masses and the group mentality was encouraged. When we think back on it we noticed that it was a horrible time in the world.


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Jaide um, you put your review to the wrong book's profile. however, thanks, because now i want to read The Wave.

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Candy Me too

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