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The Here and Now by Ann Brashares
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Aug 29, 2013

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Review copy provided by Hachette/Hodder's Children's Books for an honest review.

The reason that I gave this three stars is because I am still not sure how I feel about this book. First of all, I really need to say that I thought this the first book in a series and am quite infuriated that it isn't. I was expecting more. I closed the book with a little peace knowing there was going to be a follow up, that there was going to be more. Accept there isn't one now. And that sucks.

But getting to the actual book... which I enjoyed emotionally, but I felt was rather lacking overall. The storyline had a lot of potential. I adore time-travel books, but I felt that it wasn't handled particularly well in the case. I still don't quite understand why Prenna came back to 2010, and I don't quite understand Prenna father's or Andrew's connection to everything. Now that I know that this isn't a series - and there isn't going to be a book to expand on anything - I feel really let down.

Our main characters, Prenna and Ethan, weren't too bad. They were a little stupid, and little naive but nothing that I particularly felt was worth a shoutout. I've read about worse characters, and certainly many blander ones. Unfortunately, I didn't really care about their blooming relationship either, and that really made parts of the story drag.

The other problem that I had was that: (view spoiler).

Overall, I enjoyed this book but I didn't think it was very good. Does that make sense? I think I was just in the mood to be reading, so while I was entertained, I objectively can see that this really wasn't very good book. So like every time travel book I've read recently, I am going end this review by steering you towards TimeRiders. Its nothing like this - honestly, its middle grade and action-packed with no romance - but it has great time travel stuff.
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message 1: by Irena (new)

Irena What? I also tought this will be series.

rachel • typed truths I'm quite disappointed! I am sure it was planned to be, but now it isn't...

message 3: by Irena (new)

Irena It probably didn't sell well so they canceled it.

rachel • typed truths Hmmm, that seems likely. It isn't a very well loved book.

message 5: by Irena (new)

Irena yeah, I can see it has not-so-good rating, and in my opinion, that often kills the sells.
I almost never buy a book if it's rating is less then 3.
This one is just a little bit over that.

rachel • typed truths I certainly wouldn't encourage you to buy it - and I normally steer clear books that my GR friends don't like too - but I still want a sequel! It wouldn't sell particularly well though, so I really do understand. Oh well, fingers crossed the publisher changes their minds for some reason.

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