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The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
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Sep 30, 2007

it was amazing
Recommended for: Anyone

The Outsiders is very similar to The West Side Story, it talks about 2 gangs however, in th is story, it’s about the relationships and gap between the rich and poor. The two gangs named, The Greasers and The Socs, are common enemies in their society. However, the love part is very similar to Romeo and Juliet, where one person from each of the gangs or the enemies falls in love with each other. Cherry from the Socs falls in love with Ponyboy and Johnny, Greasers. Like in Romeo and Juliet, it causes more conflict between one another.
The fight all began when Ponyboy was returning home from a movie and the Socs starts to bully them. They got into a big fight and boys from the Greaser comes to help but the problem did not end there. They started to develop bigger problems because the Greasers were hanging out with the girls, the Socs. Eventually, a lot of things starts to happen, fights breaks out, people dies. Johnny, one of Ponyboy’s friend, killed Bob, one of the Socs, because he was going to kill Ponyboy. So, Ponyboy and Johnny runs away to a church with the help of Dally, another Greaser. They are in the hideout for a week and Dally finally takes Johnny and Ponyboy home. However, on their way home, there was a fire in a children’s school; Ponyboy and Johnny decides to help and save kids. They became heros, but Johnny didn’t turn out good. While he was saving the kids, the roof of the school collapsed on him. It broke his back and eventually died at the end. Additionally, at the end, Ponyboy realizes the greater meaning of life, family. He realize how family and friends meant so much to him.
The point where Ponyboy realize how important family means to him is the part where he finally grows up. He finally understands the bigger meaning of life instead of just violence. The Outsider is very much the same as The West Side Story. The characters deals with the same obstacles, the same people dies, the same situation happens to Johnny, but the names of the characters are very different and the name of the gangs are different too, instead of Greasers and Socs, they have the Jet and Sharks. However, pretty much everything else is the same.

This is like my 4th time reading this book, it is so good!
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Armadillo Nice. I noticed some grammar mistakes though.

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