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Thorn Queen by Richelle Mead
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Sep 07, 2009

really liked it
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Read in September, 2009

I really, really liked this book, much better than the first one. This time around what appealed to me most was the reluctance that Eugenie felt about her lands. I liked that she didn't want to just jump in and be all queenie. Her popping between worlds had to make her life much more difficult, but made her seem more real.

I also get the jealousy she had with Kiyo and Maiween. Even if there is no longer any true love there, they will always be bound together through their child. What makes matters even worse is Eugenie knowing that while she wants this bond with Kiyo with the prophesy it would be too dangerous. Watching Kiyo and Maiween just seemed to drive it home.

Dorian as usual is up to his tricks to get what he wants and doesn't care what is in the way. He is great at manipulating things in the direction that benefits him the most.

While popping between worlds Eugenie seemed to think she had everything under control, and why wouldn't she, she had Shaya running things for her. Her problem lies in thinking that she would let her know if things weren't going well. Her eyes sure got opened riding across the lands. So often you can't fix something if you don't know it is broken, and this is what Eugenie ran into. Her quest to make things better for her people brought out her human and compassionate side. Something she will need to balance her out. Watching her deal with what is normal in her world but utterly out of wack in the Otherworld was interesting. Once aware of the problems she does what she can to help her people often coming up with unusal ways to do them.

Finding out girls getting kidnapped takes her in a different direction, one where people who should be helping her don't and figuring out what is going on comes at a great personal expense.

Once everything is said and done and Eugenie is left to figure out her emotions. Her life just seems like it is spinning out of control. She doesn't know where things stand with her stepfather. Things with Kiyo are radically different. I even understand her reasoning there and do think that she is right. Things with Dorian are radically different as well, and again I think she made the right decision.

Now we wait and see what the consequenses are of all the choices that she and others have made.
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Narnies Loved this book! I'm a Dorian fan myself, Kiyo can go jump off a cliff :P

Darcy That is for sure. I liked him at first, but he seems just a little selfish to me. I loved it at the end when she said something to the effect of how Dorian scored extra points because he killed the guy who raped her, while Kiyo just stood there and looked at him. For me that would win extra points too!!

message 3: by Aimee (last edited Jan 20, 2010 07:26AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Aimee I agree. It was leading up to that point through the whole book. With how he wasn't considering her needs in bed. Then it seemed like he was constantly berating her over choices she made about her kingdom. The holier-than-thou act was really getting old.

Darcy Kiyo was critical of her choices in the first book too. You would think as another person who walks between the 2 worlds he would be more understanding. She should have known too when even her roommate didn't like him, they usually know what is best for you.

Aimee LOL. That's too true! Roommates tend have to whole "mom-vision" when it comes to boyfriends.

Narnies Yeah, but he had so much potential at the start, and then it just started going down the crapper (excuse me language!), if he were a real person he'd be bombarded with piles of hate mail every day I think!

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