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Magic and the Modern Girl by Mindy Klasky
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Sep 04, 2009

really liked it
bookshelves: 2009, fantasy, fiction, romance, e-book, paranormal
Read in November, 2009

I think this is my favourite book of the Jane Madison series, and I think that's probably because there's more at stake for Jane - in every aspect of her life - in this book than in either the first or second book. The business of witching is no longer the strange new world it was in the first book, and Jane has no need to prove (as she did in the second book) that she is worthy of her powers, her books and arcane materials, her familiar. In the third book, what's at stake is everything she worked so hard to learn and earn in the first two books: her powers themselves, and her very identity as a witch.

Jane has fallen into the witchy equivalent of a blue funk, and her subsequent neglect of her powers, her warder, and her familiar has the unforeseen effect of weakening her powers. (The stronger the powers, the quicker they fade with neglect, Jane discovers, and she is the strongest witch on the Eastern Seaboard.) Her runes crumble to dust, her crystals cloud over, her books lose the ink on their pages when she touches them, and her astral connection to her familiar and her warder diminish into nothing. Something has to be done, but the solution only exacerbates the problem, and Jane faces the possibility of being the instrument of her own destruction.

It takes every ounce of Jane's will and character to find a permanent solution to the magical problem, and in doing so she resolves the mundane conflicts and problems that have dogged her for two long years.

This book is a satisfying denouement to the events and relationships launched in the first two. Another reason this is my favourite of the three is that she finally, finally, kisses David. Which I think pretty much anyone could have guessed, so I'm not going to call that a spoiler.


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