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God's Smuggler by Brother Andrew
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Sep 03, 2009

really liked it
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Read in October, 2009

Written for book club:
It's a beautiful Fall day. You're driving your car across a boarder into another country, a country you have always dreamed of going to. But you don't feel carefree and lighthearted. Beads of sweat have formed on your neck, and you are praying constantly asking God to hide the hundreds of Bibles that are in your car from the boarder patrol. You know that if someone finds out about your cargo, you are in for a lot of trouble - and worse yet, churches around the country will never see the precious Bibles that they are forced to go without.
Most of us don't know that feeling - the suspense, and the relief when you get through - but a few people in this world do. One of these people is Brother Andrew, and very fortunately for us, he has written an amazing book about his adventures, called God's Smuggler. You feel like you really are about to cross that boarder with Andrew when you pick this book up!
The book starts with Andrews boyhood. He tells of a little town in Holland where he grew up. The life of this boy who went on to become a person to change the world for God was spent, surprisingly - skipping Church. He would sit in the back and slip out, coming back in time so that no one knew he was gone. If he caught enough of the chatter between people leaving afterwards, he was able to talk with his parents about the sermon so they would have no suspicion that he was gone.
Then came life as a soldier, and slowly Brother Andrew's life sunk into drinking and course language. Then there was a hard shock to him: a bullet wound in his leg and a medical discharge. What was he to do now? Providentially, a letter found it's way to his sweetheart back home telling her of how horrid he was, how he drank and cursed. Through the mail, they began studying the Bible together. This would be one of the first steps the would turn Andrew's life around forever. And what a wonderful thing it was that his life changed! He would go on to do what could be nothing but the work of God.
He finally read his mothers Bible. He went to church, not just on Sunday, but on every opportunity he could get. He went to meetings, and then, one day, he found himself talking in front of a group of people telling of his conversion and what it had done in his life.
He felt God's calling into the missionary field, and he started down that path. First he started witnessing in a factory, then in meetings around his town, and finally he attended missionary school. There he learned faith in God and how the Lord would provide for his needs in His ways. God used a simple magazine to direct Andrews life. The magazine mentioned Warsaw and a youth conference to which everyone would be invited.
Andrew went, and he was amazed. He knew that he had found God's calling there. He knew that the believers sorely needed encouragement and most of all, they desperately needed Bibles. The day finally came when he crossed the first Iron Curtain boarder with the precious books. Would his faith be strong enough for the daunting task ahead?
God's Smuggler is an amazing book. It is one that is easy to pick up and yet hard to put down. With it's action and suspense and strong Christian theme, it is a wonderful novel about an inspiring true story.

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