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Darling Jim by Christian Mørk
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Sep 03, 2009

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** spoiler alert ** I really liked this premise of this story about a literal lady-killer storyteller and the three sisters who finally brought about his doom (and their own in the process) But there were two technical issues that kept this one from earning four stars from me.

1) Most of the story is related through two diaries belonging to two of the dying sisters, who, despite the fact that they're slowing being poisoned to death, manage to write their diaries in great detail, especially when it comes to conversations that are long past. Almost, one might say, in the style and tone of a novel. I didn't buy it, and it pulled me right out of the story. The author would have been better off just speaking in the voices of the girls instead of telling us we were reading their diaries. When's the last time you read a diary that recalled conversations, settings and situations perfectly?

2) I just didn't believe that the slacker postman who found the diaries would go to the lengths that he did to find out the truth about their deaths. Nothing in his characterization suggested he was the sort of fellow who would go to the ends of the earth for anything, let alone for two dead girls he'd never met.

The ending also dragged a bit, when there turned out to be not one but two big surprises that were clumsily tied to previous events. In the end, it all made sense. But it was by no means seamless. However it was creepy and well-written, and I did enjoy the actual story-telling bits. It just needed a bit more polish and a little tightening to make it all hang straight.

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Meghan I agree with your review overall, although I liked it as a reading experience a bit better than you. I thought the sisters' stories woven in with Jim's tale created interesting tension. As usual, you managed to articulate the holes in the narrative and structure that had been nagging me better than I could!

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