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The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult
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Sep 03, 2009

really liked it

** spoiler alert ** this is a very interesting book to read, they also came out with it on the lifetime channel as a movie.
its about a 14 year old girl that is in love for the first time and her boyfriends dumps her and she is depressed about it so she starts cutting herself. well then one night her and a friend come up with a plan to make him jealous and maybe he would come back to her. they are at the party drinking and playing a game called rainbow i have never heard of some of the games they talk about in this book and i am glad i haven't and don't ever want to hear of my kinds playing it.
her ex shows up and her and her friend starts playing strip poker with him and his friend, well she starts hitting on his friend and her gets mad and hits him because he took a picture of her without her top on. the girl runs to the bathroom crying. her friend and his friend go upstairs to be alone. her ex then come to check on her to make sure that she is okay. they start making out then he rapes her.
he says it was consensual sex, she says she said no and he raped her.
later in the book they find out htat she was given ketamine(a date rape drug) at the party but the boy denies ever giving it to her.
her and her dad are at the supermarket a while later and he shows up begging her to tell people that he didn't drug her, and he was sorry. the dad walks out the store and sees him and beats the pulp out of him, the boy runs off then he notices that his daughter ran off.
the next morning while they r at breakfast they find out that the boy commited suicide last night, but it starts to look like it wasn't suicide. so the detectives start wondering whether the dad or the ex girlfriend did it.
but anyways it goes on and the ending is pretty good so i don't want to ruin it for anyone.

a very interesting book. i would recomend it to parents. makes you really think about some of the things that kids are doing nowadays especially before you think about letting them out of the house without knowing everything that they r going to be doing.

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