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Blast of the Dragon's Fury by L.R.W. Lee
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it was ok

This was my first foray into the realm of independently published novels. And I only made that foray because the author, seeing that I have read and reviewed novels in the fantasy genre and middle grade age range, gave me a copy and asked that I review this book from the perspective of the intended audience.

While there is a fair amount of humor and imagination that would interest a young reader, if I had picked up this book when I was a youngster, I would have stopped reading it after the first three chapters or so. The writing is often clunky, and even my adult self didn’t quite understand what was going on at times. There are some plot inconsistencies and frustrations, which a kid might ignore or not even be aware of, but had me screaming and shaking my head. I thought the prologue was the best part of the book, but it actually kind of ruined the book for me. The prologue basically lays out everything that is going on, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s generally the reason that a prologue is included. However, in this instance, it completely removes the mystery from the first several chapters and various other places throughout the book. The information learned in the prologue would have been bettered served towards the end of the novel in a sort of dramatic big reveal kind of way.

I might have given this book 3 stars, maybe even 3.5 stars, if the end of the book wasn’t so frustrating and poorly thought out. I could forgive the clunky writing. I could forgive some of the way too obvious life lesson preaching in some of the dialogue and character thoughts. I could forgive some of the slips in the third person limited point of view. I could forgive a lot of things for an independently published novel that obviously needed the guidance of a real editor and not just someone correcting grammatical errors. But how many people read this novel before it was published and didn’t point out the glaring problems in the final third of the book?

Edit: Spoiler Alert!!!!!

I went back and looked at the ending of the book. What had me confused was that Andy was looking for a red dragon scale, and I thought they had just befriended a red dragon. So, I went crazy when it never crossed their mind to kindly ask this dragon if they can have one of its scales to complete their mission. Upon looking back, when this dragon is first mentioned, it is described as a grey dragon. But soon after, Andy refers to the dragon as a red dragon when speaking to Alden. And two more times before the end of the book, Andy mentions his wish to help this dragon find out where more red dragons dwell so it can go live with them. If it wasn't a red dragon, why would it feel the need to find more red dragons to live with? Also, they were specifically going to a place where the red dragons lived. And I didn't get the feeling that dragons of different colors lived together.
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