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Devdas by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay
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Sep 02, 2009

really liked it
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Devdas, Paro, Chandramukhi.. the characters which have been immortalised through spoofs, tragedies, bollywood.. but they are so real.. we see them around us.. love turned sour because of egos, social barriers, differences. I was a little curious as to how the characters really are and whether the interpretations on TV or movies is actually real. But they were so different, so real than the magnanimous images on screen. Devdas unlike in movies has not been justified by the author. Infact he literally agrees that he degraded once luck did not favor. Devdas had everything easy in life, he always got what he wanted. But once his parents denied him Paro, he denied Paro, then Paro denied him apology & decided not to come back. He got angry with the world & probably himself. He got love time & again.. but he just rejected it abused it. The women in this story are no better. They went for the guy who treats them badly. He loved them but ill-treated them..

For me it proves one thing that its quiet possible that women sometimes fall for loosers, trying to protect them & take care of them. Probably their current state is so bad that loving the looser just makes them feel better. One married to an old man with no love in her life and the other a nauch girl with no love and a fake life. They just felt better by loving & worshipping Dev.. who truly didn't deserve it.

Anyways these characters now have their interpretations in my mind too.. But one should read it & design their own.. But I would definitely like to give a standing ovation to Sarat Chandra who wrote such a beautiful story of complex characters - searching for something which they can never get... so unreal but still so real... so sensitive but still so ruthless... so emotional but still so practical... so complex but yet so simple... so romantic but so tragic...
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message 1: by Jegan (new)

Jegan The last 3 lines were Jus icing on the Cake to a Prissy review :)

Keep up the Good work :)

Neha Thanks.. for the compliment.. I wasnt even sure if someone reads my reviews..

Anne I read..I read..!:p

Neha :)

Shayantani Das very well said :)

Neha Thx Tanu

message 7: by Ashley (new) - added it

Ashley S. I have to apologize if I come off rude or anything...but women do not fall for looser(s) they subjectify themselves to the love they feel they deserve. Another point I feel that I need to make would be that you don't know the inner turmoils that a person goes through...even if his outer stance portrays someone as an ass. Even if the author does not place that into the writing...I think that it's a given to recognize someone's deeper and true character without it needing to be spelled out. With that said, complex literature is always difficult and before you get into should do some research about the author and his/her's writing style! Mr. Chattopadhyay grew up in a time period where patriarchal power was above all else. He disagreed with it and chose to write stories that portrayed certain events that he felt needed to be stated about that time. And one last thing, when writing a comment/ review, it's best not to be indecisive and repetitive. I noticed that you kept saying "so unreal but still so real"...and then the relationship between the characters and their's easier and more understanding when we only give a small amount away...letting those who haven't read it yet to have some surprises!!!

Neha Thanks Ashley for your opinion. It calls for a healthy debate. It helps to see things in different light. To research an author while reviewing a story is good, but I also believe a story should be read independently of the author or his/ her background. A story is a living thing in its own right and stories can bask alone despite whoever their author or creator is. What you call undecisive.. I call it a 'Figure of speech' - Antithesis - a Juxtaposition of opposing or contrasting ideas which is what this story meant for me. Devdas has been adapted widely through plays, bollywood and other media forms and anyone and whoever I knew - kind of knew the story of it, but yes I agree for new readers I should have kept it intact.

NINA guys i need to read this book any one can help and provide me with a link so as to get a free version pleaaase

Afiur Rahman Fahim Loved the review. Specially the last part. I felt the same way! :)

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