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Gives Light by Rose Christo
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I was very unsure about reading this book. I mean, I wanted to and it had been on my TBR list for some time but I am hesitant when books contain actual history in them. I am afraid that it will be too much to take or that it will be so technical that it will go over my head at the speed of sound and I will miss the point entirely. Thank goodness, Gives Light and Rose Christo did NOT do that to me.

So this book, I am at a loss of words with how to describe it. I am not being cheeky with the loss of words and Skylar being mute, I just do not know how to get out what this book did to me. It was transcendent. There is an SAT word for you. I was blown away by the powerful voice given to a young man who has lost his ability to speak. Skylar St. Clair was an amazing character to read. He is one of my favorites in the YA genre and along with Skylar I have to add into that favorite list Rafael. Oh boys, you killed me with your story.

Writing this review is giving me the chills, in a good way of course, but going over my notes and highlights all the feelings are coming back in a rush. From Skylar’s first communication about his father being missing to meeting his grandmother on the Nettlebush reservation for the first time and when he looks over at dinner into eyes he swears he has seen before…*shivers* This book had me on my butt, I will tell you that. I am in awe of what I have read. I am so happy that the challenge was made and I was given that push to read this, to finally have the beauty that Gives Light shone upon me and feel it down to my core. Does that sound really mushy? Oh well. This book makes me want to write poetry to it. It makes me want to be a better person because I read it. It…it just makes me feel more than I can comprehend.

Oh and it made me look up bugs…me and bugs are not friends at all but I was looking up bugs. How is that possible? It made me look up bugs and it transported me from a baseball field for Little League Opening Ceremonies and had me on the Nettlebush reservation feeling the same about animals as Skylar did. We have that bit in common. It just moved me. That is all. It moved me.

I won’t go into depth about the story. But I will say that the relationships in this book are gorgeous. Not only is the love story of Skylar and Rafael one of the best I have read in YA but Skylar’s relationship with Annie, his father, Granny and most of all the reservation and his culture. It was outstanding. I learned so much right along with Skylar about his heritage and I just learned so much about the human condition. The way we can turn situations into what we need; the way we can take something that is utterly awful and see beyond the ugly to what is there and love it. Oh I am getting lost. I think it’s time to wrap this baby up and hug it again.

Gives Light is an amazing story. Even if you are fickle about the YA genre, this will prove that even books without sex on the page can be the most intimate thing you will ever read. This story was one I couldn’t let end when I read the last word on the last page, I immediately started book 2 and am halfway through the last book in the series. It’s rare for me to do that; read an author back to back or continue a series that way but I couldn’t let Skylar and Rafael go that soon. I had to keep reading and though their story will end, it is not one that will leave me anytime soon. How can it?

The more he talked, the more I listened. The more I listened, the more I forgot that I wasn’t talking back. I could scratch my chin or quirk my eyebrows or tilt my head and he knew exactly what the gesture meant. He knew what I was feeling, if not what I was thinking. He made me feel like I had a voice.

Gives Light was read as a challenge with the girls From Boys in our Books. You can see our reactions and enter to win all four books from this series here:


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Quotes Sara Liked

“He broke away from my mouth and trailed his lips down the front of my throat. I felt his lips close around my scars. He kissed away their ugliness. His lips parted in tingling butterfly kisses that drained the strength from my knees. I realized he was mouthing words against my skin.

Not words. Just one word.

Rose Christo, Gives Light

“He turned his head and gazed at me, eyes dancing and blue, remnants of a smile dancing on his face.

How beautiful he looked. Unsullied by the world's darker secrets; privy to its innocent ones. I could almost believe he was inhuman and had never known anything beyond the profound simplicity of nature, tameless and wild, and the animal hearts that beat within each and every one of us. He was Pan and I was Daphnis. I never stood a chance.”
Rose Christo, Gives Light

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message 1: by Julio (new) - added it

Julio Genao link's not working :-(

Sara julio wrote: "link's not working :-("

*face palm* Fixed it.

message 3: by Julio (new) - added it

Julio Genao woot!

message 4: by Richard (new) - added it

Richard I have been staring at this book for over a year. It will now be one of my next reads. I love books over 300 pages. Win, win. Thanks for the review.

Sara Richard wrote: "I have been staring at this book for over a year. It will now be one of my next reads. I love books over 300 pages. Win, win. Thanks for the review."

YAY! It's really good if you couldn't tell that from my ramblings. I need to finish book four soon. I am taking my time with it unlike the first three that I read in a matter of days.

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