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The Umbrella Conspiracy by S.D. Perry
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Sep 02, 2009

it was ok
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Read from June 10 to 18, 2010

Book #1 in the "Resident Evil" series. Takes place at the same time as "Zero Hour", book #0. Where "The Umbrella Conspiracy" is told from the POV of the Alpha Team, "Zero Hour" is told from the POV of the Beta Team that crashes its helicopter right at the beginning. I read ZH first - unfortunately. Why? Even though the events should take place simultaneously, there are so many errors, it's not even funny. Rebecca is the main heroine of ZH, the young field medic slash chemist and she kicks major butt, zombies, other monsters, whatever, she survives the self-destruction of the training facility and THEN goes to the Spencer estate - in TUC, she doesn't have a gun, she doesn't recognize the monsters, she ran towards the Spencer estate together with her team right away, so basically, ZH didn't happen. In ZH, Wesker is at the training facility - in TUC, he's the leader of the Alpha Team. And that totally ruined the fun. So, my advice, either read "Zero Hour" or "The Umbrella Conspiracy", NOT both!

Another thing - the beginning was awesome and I was totally hooked, the team was simply great. But soon, it was back to the same old, same old: open a room, find a clue, solve a puzzle, find a key, fight a monster, move on - lather, rinse, repeat ad infinitum. Seriously, dear author, you really do NOT have to copy everything you see happening on your computer screen, scene for scene. It was rather ridiculous after a while. And what's with the "let's split up" routine? What a great idea to split up in a house that's built like a booby-trapped maze.

I think that this will be the last book in the "Resident Evil" series that I'll read. You read one book, you read them all. It's a carbon copy of a rehash of a carbon copy.
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Shannon (formerly The Holy Terror) Do you play the games at all? It's probably my favorite game series of all time. I actually think I've bought the first game 5 times now, with all the rereleases and such.

Kati Nope, I don't play computer games. I was R&Ring it for my boss.

message 3: by Seth (new) - added it

Seth Shannon wrote: "Do you play the games at all? It's probably my favorite game series of all time. I actually think I've bought the first game 5 times now, with all the rereleases and such." same here lol

Tiffany DeBarr Zero Hour doesn't completely overlap with The Umbrella Chronicles. Rebecca, near the end of Zero Hour, runs into Enrico and he informs her that they're heading out to the Spencer Estate. It's not a complete overlap.

While I didn't personally need her to recognize the monstrous atrocities and was understanding of the possibility of her losing her gun, I did feel like Rebecca still had her intelligence. For starters, she's fairly helpful to Chris in regards to what those papers are and in solving the puzzle in the piano room. Although, I can't say I liked that it seemed like Chris was dumbed down in her presence. I think Rebecca can be a child genius without the other character seeming less intelligent. I've never imagined Chris as an idiot honestly.

I imagine the story really isn't crafted for those who don't play the game though. It's unfortunate. I personally liked some of the puzzles, seeing as Perry could've really made it painful by constantly having the characters act like the player (trying and failing consistently to solve the puzzle). However, I understand how the novelizations may not appeal towards non-fans. Do you normally read these kinds of books or did you only do so as a request of your boss?

Tiffany DeBarr Sorry, I meant The Umbrella Conspiracy, not the Umbrella Chronicles. Mistook the novel for the game title on the Wii.

Kati I really love sci-fi books so I didn't mind when I was given this for reviewing. The thing is that I didn't mind that the books ran almost parallel to each other, I thought it would be great to see one story from two POVs. The problem was, at least for me, that there were mistakes that made the parallels impossible. I think the author should've paid more attention. That was my biggest issue with the book.

message 7: by Nathaniel (new)

Nathaniel Larkin I can understand the complaints if you're not a huge fan of the series. I haven't played Zero before, so I can't comment on it. But I have played many of the others. When I got to the 3rd book, I started to notice some continuity errors with time and dates between RE2 and RE3. I actually fond out the reason for all of the continuity errors is because the books are older and actually came out before a lot of the Resident Evil games we have today. For example, when The Umbrella Conspiracy was written, nobody could have expected that a game called Resident Evil 0 would contradict everything years later. Nobody could have known. It happens quite often with novelizations. The first 4 books had a lot of originality in them, where the author tried spinning some new twists into the games building towards new stories that are exclusive to the book series. That also kind of played into the continuity errors. If the author hadn't changed the dates around in City of the Dead, RE3 would have still fit the timeline. I've only read the first 4 books and I love them. I'm a little picky about some of the differences from the games, but I thought the novelizations were spot on for the most part, and the original stories were a lot of fun. I just view the series as a separate timeline compared to the games. Every book after 4 is a novelization though. I think SD Perry gave up on the originality of the stories because of all the contradictions and continuity errors. It was apparent that Capcom would keep making games that would mess with the books. Lol. I haven't read the rest of the books, but I suppose if you consider each one after 4 it's own thing, not connected to anything but the games, it would work.

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