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Someone to Watch Over Me by Lisa Kleypas
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Sep 01, 2009

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It was ok.....the ending was sort of longer than it needed to be. Morgan was sweet, and fell quite quickly. That was nice to see.... but it definitely could have been 30-40 pages shorter.

Updated review on June 25, 2011:


Grant Morgan, a Bow Street Runner, rescues a young woman who was attacked and thrown into the icy Thames, a young woman he believes to be the infamous courtesan Vivien Duvall. Unfortunately, she has no memory of her attack or even her own name. She doesn’t believe she could have been a courtesan but Grant is the only person she feels she can trust. What will happen to these two who begin to fall in love with one another despite their best efforts when Vivien regains her memory??

I gave this book 3.75* because while it was a good read, it was really sort of average. The plot was ok, the characters were ok, and the romance and steam were probably the shining pieces in this book. It’s a great introduction to the more popular Bow Street Runner books: Lady Sophia's Lover Worth Any Price

Our hero, Grant Morgan is probably my favorite character in this book. He’s a big huge tall man with a stellar reputation as a Runner and we come to find out that its well deserved. He’s also a pretty confirmed bachelor. That is, until he meets Vivien Duvall and she basically scrambles his brains. He was a true to life character I felt. He had his faults and he was willing to admit them and make amends for them. I loved that he tells Vivien he loves her, while believing the worst about her and before knowing the full truth about her. I felt that spoke loads about his character. I loved how hard he fell, how he could just not be away from her; he could not resist her no matter how hard he tried. I loved the way he loved her. That’s what I look for in a hero. So I give Grant a 7/10 on the Kleypas hero scale.

The steam in this book was above average. Grant tried as hard as he could to resist Vivien, but it was just an impossibility. He was always hungry for her and he opened up her passions so well. The increase in their passion was steady and quite yummy. There is an ‘almost’ carriage scene and one against the wall in the kitchen scene in the end that is NOT to be missed. 7.5/10 on the Kleypas steam scale!

The romance was sweet but not especially sigh worthy. There were a few moments that were syrupy sweet and added a lot of appeal to the characters and their story. Grant’s confidence and assurances of his love were sweet and very appealing. I loved that he said I love you first. I loved that he was intent on her and only her and was more than willing to change his entire life for her. I recently read this quote by the great Maya Angelou: Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination. Grant’s love was most definitely of that caliber. Nothing would separate him from his love. 6.5/10 on the Kleypas romance/sigh factor scale.

In the end, I wish this book had been a little bit more intense. However I know that my next book,Lady Sophia's Lover , will be quite intense indeed. So on to the great Sir Ross Cannon for me!!!
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