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The Right to Write by Julia Cameron
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it was amazing
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Julia Cameron reminds me of Moses who once said, "I would that all men be prophets." When you come upon some great good, you wish it joyfully for anybody. There is a book inside each one of us that has yet to come out. We are all writers, without exception. Books require being written writing happens a sentence at a time. Sentences can happen in a moment, that is, enough stolen moments, enough stolen sentences, and a book is born- without the luxury of time. Get aggressive. Steal time.
Julia has a proven excellent method called Morning Pages. Here we let ourselves get on the page and write 3 pages about absolutely anything, stream of consciousness. This will train our censor to step step aside and let us create. And as we write and write, writing "rights" things. Writing just wants to be written. Writing loves a writer and will fill our hearts if we let it. We make excuses and say, "But I'm not in the mood right now." Well, don't wait till you are in the mood. Write your first sentence and it could lead to a desire to go just a little further. I will just do it. I will just put my pen to the page and write, in the good days as well as the bad days.
There are doors to be "closed" so I won't hear "small talk" on Facebook or waste away my emotional or mental energy. I have to guard my mind with a door that is really proof against the intrusions of others. Don't take your drama to others but keep the drama on the page; don't take it to Facebook, for instance. I don't want to be too tired, to distracted, too distraught to write. Therefore, I myself will slam the door; I slam the Iron Door. I refuse to engage in any drama except the drama that serves me and my purposes. Don't go around arguing with people but take to the page, write to "show them". I am going to turn the dross of my disappointment into the gold of accomplishment.
Facebook, the net, etc. should be used as a reward because I first went ahead and did the work necessary. This is getting my life organized. A small comment here, a small comment there, too much depression, etc. all this can come to me in an email that I answer later in great detail and with great care, and not a comment here and there every 5 minutes.
I should write with love. I should writing, knowing that someone will enjoy my writing specifically. So, I should write specifically to that someone. To you I write and YOU I cherish, dear reader. This will make my writing directed, focused and done with passion. My writing will become personal, focused and specific. Writing is an act of love, my way of worship too. I will perform it consciously, concretely and lovingly. Speaking of worship, as I write specifically, write detail by detail, there I will encounter God because God is in the details. There I will encounter more than myself and my own truth. I carry the idea of a book and God delivers to me bits and pieces as I need them. It is I who who will trigger this support as I experience some kind of lucid dreaming. God will lead me one thing at a time, bit by bit. I shouldn't think a whole book but think index cards. I should write by sketching. Get down the general shape of something first and then go back and fill in later. Try not to censor, or why in the world are we just encouraging the Morning Pages for?! Just put in what comes to you and you know that more will come later and that your first sketch will be a blueprint- and a prod- for finer and finer sketches, more and more detail. The writing will write through me, and so I will let it sketch through me. And "sketch" is the operative word. I will free myself to write. I am willing to write badly but I will write. I am willing to do the work, to finish this project whether it is good or not. When I am writing, I am "righting" myself. Writing makes things right. And when I am not "righting" myself, says Julia and I also, I slip into a gentle and sometimes not so gentle form of paranoia. I feel dislocated. out of synch. Out of sorts and out of step. When I write enough, I find myself interested by what I am saying. So, I empty myself on the page, in Christian terms, I experience my own kenosis. We are all works in progress. We are all rough drafts. None of us is finished, fine, done. Naturally we will have flaws, foibles and frills and fantasies, frailties that makes us human.

That is the kind of books I could read over and over again as it is written from the heart, full of truth and it is subsequently to go straight to the heart and touch it.

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