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Dark Needs at Night's Edge by Kresley Cole
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Aug 31, 2009

it was amazing
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Read in December, 2009

Even when I didn't like the hero, I couldn't put this book down. When I started warming towards him... well, it became a winner!

Connor is a vampire, but one with those dreaded red eyes: that means he drinks from the flesh. And on top of that, he is a hired assasin. After so many years of bloodlust, he's almost mad. The memories he gathered from his victims run without control in his mind so he can't tell if what he's seeing is actually true, a hallucination brought by his fragmented mind or a memory from someone he's killed. And when his brothers capture him trying to cure him out of his bloodlust, he's the only one who sees a beautiful female ghost. So he guesses it's probably a hallucination or past memory. When the ghost starts to interract with him, he can't pretend to ignore her anymore, especially since he finds himself attracted to her. But she isn't corporeal and he isn't blooded, so what chances do they have? Besides, there are a lot of creatures out there trying to kill him and he has to remove the most imminent threat -an 8 inches tall demon- right away, if he wants to have any kind of future with Neomi.

I liked fun loving Neomi very much. She was a woman who loved life and enjoyed it to its fullest. I think she was the perfect match for a man like dark, moody man like Connor. I liked the way they got to talk and know each other, their interest turning to mutual attraction and much later to love. Even when they couldn't make love, you could feel the sparks flying between them when they were together:)

I don't particularly like Nix's crazyness, nor the Lore's females' mania with food delicacies and soap operas. In fact I get increasingly frustrated at such scenes, rather than amused, but luckily there were too few in this one compared to previous books. I hope there's even less in the future.

Heading straight to Cadeon's book. Can't wait to see what Cole has in store for him:)
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11/30/2009 page 47
12.77% "I'm wondering if this hero is redeemable... He looks pretty bad right now."
12/01/2009 page 144
39.13% "It surely is a page turner, but still I can't say if I like the hero or hate him:)"
12/01/2009 page 144
39.13% "I really liked this book evn when I disliked the hero. Now that I like him, this book is amazing:)"
12/01/2009 page 279
75.82% "One of the most addictive books in the series"
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message 1: by Dina (last edited Dec 03, 2009 04:12AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dina Great review, Fani! I didn't know Conrad was a red-eyed vampire (aka a "bad" vampire). Now I have to read this book - after I finish Bowen's, that is.

Fani *loves angst* I didn't know it either before I started the book Dina. And although he didn't become a favorite hero of mine, he was rather sweet in his own way after a while.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Cool review, Fani. Conrad is so scrumptious!

Fani *loves angst* I liked him Danielle, which was a huge step considering how the book started, but I din't love him. My favorite heroes of the series so far remain Lachlan and Nikolai.

Do you know if there is going to be a story about Murdoch or has it been released as a novella already?

Dina Fani, Murdoch's story has already been released. It's in Deep Kiss of Winter.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Oh, another Nikolai fan. I thought it was just me. Murdoch's story is in Deep Kiss of Winter, which came out in November. I haven't read it yet, but I had to get my copy.

Next up is Pleasure of a Dark Prince, which comes out in February. It's about Garreth and Lucia.

Fani *loves angst* Thanks Dina & Danielle:)

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) YW, Fani. I hope you enjoy Cade's book. :)

Fani *loves angst* Danielle "The Book Huntress" wrote: "YW, Fani. I hope you enjoy Cade's book. :)"

I hope so too Danielle. I'm starting it tonight.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) I look forward to your review.

MelissaB Great review Fani! I was surprised how much I liked this one too. I was afraid of the ghost thing.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Me too, Melissa. She handled it very well, I thought.

Fani *loves angst* Thanks Melissa! I was more afraid of the Red eyed vampire as a hero than the ghost thing, but it turned out very well in the end. Now I've started Cade's book and this one starts with a bang:)

message 14: by Ally72 (new)

Ally72 This was a terrific review! I love Kresley Cole's IAD series. I totally agree with you about Nix...I like her character, but I don't think she is as funny as most people find her. I really liked Neomi and she is one of the IAD heroines that people don't talk a lot about. This is one of my favorites in the series and Cade's is the BEST! Happy Reading!

message 15: by Angelc (new)

Angelc Great review, Fani!!

message 16: by Rane (new)

Rane Awesome Review Fani *sighs over the cover.. again*

Fani *loves angst* Thanks everyone!

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