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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling
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did not like it

This is a disgrace to all pure bloods. My head looked quite dashing on that strange professor's head.. If only I could have extended my stay. Harry Potter.. This is not over yet.
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Mike (the Paladin) I was hoping for more detail on how the people at Hogworts differed from the way they were presented in the book....

Pluto Person Lol.

Pluto Person Sooooooo...

you're Voldemort, but an uptown girl? o_____0

message 4: by Keegman jones (new)

Keegman jones how could you say his name?!!!!

Pluto Person BECAUSE I'M BATMAN!!!

Voldemort You're a disgrace to all Voldemorts....Yeah, I think that's what I mean

Mike (the Paladin) There's more than one Voldamort??????

Pluto Person Who's a disgrace?

Voldemort Mike (the Paladin) wrote: "There's more than one Voldamort??????"

Unfortunately. But I was here before her. And you spelled Vold-e-mort wrong. :D

Risky Elevated Chamois wrote: "Who's a disgrace?"

The fake Voldemort darling. The one who gave Harry's book one star. Although, I'm fake as well.

Mike (the Paladin) Possibly the spelling is where the difference is?????

Pluto Person Voldemort, you sound so funny saying the phrase "darling".

Voldemort Risky Elevated Chamois wrote: "Voldemort, you sound so funny saying the phrase "darling"."

I know, but I'm trying to be a better person.

Mike (the Paladin) wrote: "Possibly the spelling is where the difference is?????"

Nope, only our profile pictures are different. Though, mine has a beautiful smile, mind you.

Pluto Person Voldemort, how did Harry kill you? Were you all like, "Oh, globs! A baby! This one'll be easy!" Then Harry was all like used the death spell on you in a baby voice.

Sorry, only you know...

Pluto Person Oh, hey Ezra. Did you friend Annabeth, or did she friend you?

Pluto Person Curiosity.

message 16: by Crystal Wreckage (new)

Crystal Wreckage Potato

Pluto Person Hey, Wreckage.

message 18: by Ivanna (new) - added it

Ivanna Tato jajaja se paso el voldy

message 19: by Nick (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nick hey voldermort beaten by a baby cuz of love! ha!

Monique Voldemort, you are hilarious. Also, are you the real Voldemort? As in the dude that played Voldemort.

Stuart McKinley Ralph Fienne's is that you?

message 22: by Ashlyn (new) - added it

Ashlyn Aha ahhh

message 23: by Ashlyn (new) - added it


Tamil Thendral My Dark Lord. I'm here to serve you, Master.

Mike (the Paladin) Just a word of warning...he doesn't have cookies.

Jessa Lagoting He-who-shall-not-be named!

Rainbow Reviewer ^_~ So who's the Bellatrix Lestrange here?!

LibrarianFromGallifrey Cute. But you're actually lowering the rating of this book with this post, so I'd advise to remove your rating.

Victoria You are THE voldemort in the series?

Victoria You are THE voldemort in the series?

Monique Did u guys know that u have all been pronouncing Voldemort wrong? The t is supposed to be silent.

Xindi Wang hahahaha

MiaWynberg UNITATOES!!!!!

Robert Chumbley Nice that's a good book

message 36: by Abby (new) - rated it 5 stars

Abby What's up, Volemort?

message 37: by Reem (new) - rated it 5 stars

Reem Alhakim what is the matter? are you butthurt by Potter, Tom?

Liane who are you? really!!

Liane wow, he did?

Rozus lmao

Olivia VanSteenberg voldermort???

Lauren I came to this review to start roasting whoever gave my book one star but now I'm just laughing my head off.

Manasa Nice review you-know-who :p

Emily *Miss Books A Lot* He Who Must Not Be Named, I get it. You're evil. But bloody hell who gives one star to Harry Potter?

kai wojcik lol lol lol lol

Juliana You sir, are amazing

message 48: by methu (new) - added it

methu Nice comment

message 49: by Jaidon (new) - added it

Jaidon Andrews How do you read this book like where do I go

Babysaxon Please please PLEASE rate the other harry potter books, it would make me laugh so much!

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