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The Blue Enchantress by M.L. Tyndall
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Aug 29, 2009

really liked it

I love M.L. Tyndall's books. The whole pirates and buccaneers, swashbuckling and ladies in distress, being stranded on deserted islands and living life as lords and ladies. No one does it better than M.L. does. The Blue Enchantress is an excellent addition to her previous books and really builds upon The Red Siren (book #1 in the Charles Towne series). We met Hope in book #1, and really didn't like her awhole lot as she was very self centered. In the beginning of book #2 we see that her lifestyle has finally caught up with her in the worst possible way - she is on the slave auction block. How did this happen? What will become of her now? Nathaniel comes along just in time to see this girl from his home town being auctioned to this horrid man and knows that as a Christian man he can't let that happen. So he makes a huge sacrifice to spare her and then vows to see her home safely. That proves to be much easier said than done!

The Blue Enchantress is a beautiful story of sacrifice and redemption with tons of pirates and swashbuckling to make my romantic heart go pittypat!

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