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I love this story! And not only because I both laughed and cried during the reading of it. :-)

Before I really get into what I love about this story, though, I feel like I need to qualify my five-star rating. Because I read this book over three days, and because I was violently ill on the second first day and, as a result, didn't get to read much, this book lost a lot of its oomph for me. So I am giving it five-stars on the assumption that it would have wowed me had I been able to read it at my usual speed. As things stand today, I know that it was a fabulous story, but I don't have any of the feelings that it was a fabulous story (if that makes sense). Also, regarding my second day/first day mix-up, apparently my illness did a number on my sense of time. Even now (it's now May 17th as I type this update) it "feels" to me like I was sick on Saturday night, but it was actually Friday night (May 12th) when I was ill. :-/

Anyway, moving on to what I most liked: We finally got to see Shade "be Shade"!!! (view spoiler) (On page 58.) And since the battles in this book were mostly involving Netherworld spirits, Shade also played a major part in helping out in various ways. It was wonderful! (I just wish some of his abilities had been shared in a Delilah book. After all, he's her lover.)

We also got to meet (view spoiler) :-)

Also, the events in that latter spoiler were all after (view spoiler) And that latter thing has already had some interesting side effects. :-)

On an even more personal front, (view spoiler) This happened at the very end, and it was beautiful, so I cried (twice!). :-)

I also cried nine (or 12, I cried twice in the final scene) pages earlier, after the final battle. (view spoiler) I didn't expect to cry over this. After all, this was a character we had only "just met," earlier in this book. And I don't think I did cry for the loss. It was (view spoiler) that proved too much for me and put me in tears. :-( (Tears fell on page 280, in Chapter 19.)

I mentioned a line that made me laugh? It was more a scene, and all I'll say is that Menolly laughed over Delilah's comments about (view spoiler) and I laughed with her. :-)

So this was a really fun book, though I am a bit disappointed that, once again, (view spoiler) And as much as he's changed, and even though it might (view spoiler), I'm still harboring a hope that if any of the major "good guy" characters in this series get killed off, it will be him. :-(

But even with that incident, this was still a fantastic story. And now to share the ending!

(view spoiler) And. . .tears. :-)

Oh! One more thing about this story... The only new-to-series beings in this book were the specific types of spirits and demons that we "met." Namely, (view spoiler) :-)

Also, no spirit seal activity took place in this book. All of the action did revolve around spirits, though. ((view spoiler)) :-)

So. . .Did I mention that this is a fun story and I really loved it? (Also, I left a lot out as to what all happened. I only mentioned "the highlights.") :-)
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20.89% "#BoutofBooks Update: I started my 2nd book, and it's pretty great so far. Not only are we finally learning more about Shade (he transformed into his dragon self on page 58!), but I laughed out loud with Menolly on page 61. And since this is the last page of Chapter 4 (and it's nearly 4a), I'm going to pause for the night on that happy note. :-)"
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100.0% "#BoutofBooks Update: 2nd (4th, really) book done! And it was amazing. I cried three times in the end. First after Charlotine's sacrifice, about p.280, when Nerissa was talking about it with Menolly. That's when it hit me. Next on p.289 when Camille gave Menolly their mother's wedding dress. And then again after finishing the book on the final page. :-)"
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