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Kiss the Bride by Kristy Dykes
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Aug 27, 2009

it was amazing
bookshelves: christian-romance
Read in January, 2009

There are 4 novellas in this one book. Each novella is around 80-90 pages and is centered around four different women. This is a contemporary Christian Inspiration novel, so be warned if you are not interested in reading about God, prayers, and people establishing a firmer relationship with God. But also know that this is not a preachy book that is heavy with sermons. It is four light, inspiring, romantic stories that can't help but make your heart warm and your stomach growl!

In a way, this is an adult version of the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants," instead of the four women sharing a pair of jeans, they share a comical apron that says "Kiss the Cook." No, they don't believe the apron has magical powers that will produce Mr. Right, instead they trust and have faith in God to bring the right man into their lives at the right time. However, they do believe that wearing an apron that says "Kiss the Cook" can't hurt!

Angel Food: (4 stars)
Angel Morgan (the one who bought the apron) has just received an inheritance from a great-aunt and has bought a place to make her dream of opening a French restaurant a reality. The only problem is that the small town in which she lives does not need an upscale French restaurant. Cyril Jackson befriends this new business-owner and is thinking this may turn into a great relationship, but Angel seems to have her priorities backwards.

Just Desserts: (4 stars)
Monica's family is in the restaurant business, Gil's family is in the restaurant business, Monica and Gil used to date in high school and their families used to be in business together. Fast-forward 10 years, their families are rivals, own separate businesses, and Gil broke Monica's heart when he left for college. Now that their parents have retired they are trying to run their families separate business without ruining them.

A Recipe for Romance (5 stars)
Haley is a dedicated worker, she worked hard through out college and is now working hard to pay off college loans. Her brother asks her to correspond with a lonely soldier in Kuwait. Haley enjoys having a friend that she can share things with and when her parents leave her in charge of their cafe, her correspondent, Scott, is there to help work on the repairs. However, Scott has kept a secret from Haley that might destroy her trust in him and their relationship.

Tea For Two: (5 stars)
Allison is trying to make her Tea Shop a success and when someone from her past offers free advertising she wants to accept. The only problem is that the person who offered the free advertising is the same person who broke her heart 6 years ago. Tyler is trying to make ammends to Allison by doing free advertising for her business, but he also has an ulterior motive.

I gave this book five stars because the last two stories were real captivating and inspiring, I enjoyed the characters, the recipes at the end of each novella, and the lessons of love and faith I learned while read this book. I highly recommend!

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