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Fire by William Esmont
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"Fire" is the first in a series of zombie apocalypse books by new-to-me author William Esmont. The writing is free from grammatical errors (yay!) and the characters that are introduced in this first book, as the ZA breaks out in the southeastern US, are interesting, atypical, and complex. There's the prostitute in Nevada, the sociopathic female nuclear submarine commander, the pot-smoking retail clerks, and seemingly a score of others. Some of their stories intersect together in this first book, but not all, leaving lots of room for development of the story. At times it seemed that there was too much going on, but all in all, this is a very interesting read.

The zombies are neat - they are not your slow-moving, physically retarded types, but the fast runners of 28 Days Later, the scary as shit type. The ones that will sniff you out and hunt you down. And although I don't feel that author Esmont is very graphic in his descriptions of zompoc mayhem, he doesn't hesitate to kill off main characters, including innocents and young children. And of course, the most of the major cities in the US (and possibly abroad) are nuked to contain the threat. Hence, I believe, the fire title reference.

A decent zombie book. I'm off to the next.


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