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Animal's People by Indra Sinha
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Sep 27, 2007

did not like it
Read in October, 2007

I felt like I was being re-told a the same thread-bare story. Much of what was beautiful about this book felt unoriginal. Oh, look, the crippled narrator is falling in love with an idealistic girl. I bet you $5 he can't have her, but is too noble to do anything else about it, and then is resigned--cheerfully so--about her relationship to another man. What, no bet? Oops.

I bet he rages against his fate and then gratefully accepts it. C'mon, bet me a measly $5. Hosw about $2?

I bet our heart strings get tugged when somene old and loyal dies. $1? Sheesh, you're no fun.

I mean, that type of situation, worn out though it is, could have been interesting in a more skilled writer's hands. I think I was bored by the cardboard nobility and virtue everywhere in the book. The book portrayed different types of these virtues and stressed how morality isn't absolute--trust me, I felt that hammer against my skull often enough--but there was nothing human about any of them. Nor animal, really.

Didn't Rushdie, Grass, Marquez do it better? Fresher? My God, you want a more intense metaphor about the the animal nature in humanity, about the fearful flexibility of morality and virtue, one that's subtle and chilling, pick up Annie Proulx's short story "People in Hell Just Want a Drink of Water." She succeded in a few pages what this author takes a full novel to fail at.
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