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Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson
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Aug 26, 2009

really liked it
Read in August, 2009

In the non-fiction adventure "Shadow Divers" Robert Kurson reveals the story of several men who discovered, and lived on, a German U-boat. The book has two settings, first there are a group of wreck divers who deside to invest some time on a mysterious ocean fishermen site, and the time period begins in 1991. The second setting is from a World War II new U-boat crew, the time period is 1944 Germany.
The book begins with a man named Nagle, who recieves mysterious "numbers" or coordinates from a local fisher who claims that he was found a ship wreck 60 miles off the coast of New Jersey. Nagle desides to take the fishermans word and gathers a crew to go and discover whatever this thing is on the bottom of the ocean. One of the members of his crew is a man known as John Chatterton, a middle aged man to has found a strong passion for wreck diving. He and Nagle together are a truly unstoppable team, but Nagle's alchohalism as gotten the best of the once great wreck diver and he can't dive with they rest of the crew. Chatterton discovers that it is a U-boat after recovering some Nazis china from the wreck. This find opens the door for several other artifact hunters, including a Richie Kohler. Richie is a member of a diving group known as the Atlanic Wreck Divers, and they are the grave hunters of the ship wreck world. They loot sunken ships for they're artifacts, and do so without any class. By this I mean they don't treat anyone else with respect accept other AWD, and an example would be they moon other dive boats as they pass them leaving port. At first Richie and Chatterton didn't get along to well as they argued about everything from who got the first beer to who gets to "splash" or dive first; however, this feeling quickley fades as they're over laping goals bring them together, and they become best friends.
Soon the U-boat begins to take lives, and people stop wanting to go and dive the mystery U-boat. It is left up to Chatterton and Richie to discover the U-boats true identity. They both have different approaches to finding out which U-boat they have found. Chatterton goes to the US goverment, and asks for everything they have on U-boats. While this is helpful, there is simply to much information for one person to search through and then put to use. Richie on the other hand goes into his shelves of books, he has had since he was a young lad, to help discover which U-boat he was found, but there the information is just to general for his spesific purposes. Its not until both men exhaust they're U-boat resoucres that a god sent comes in the discovery of a knife on board the U-boat. It is dated to a spesific U-boat, but this boat was supposed to be suck of northern africa. The men gives up hope again, but then discovers through more reseach that the US goverenment had said that the boat was "lost at sea" because they could fiure out where it truly lay. It is at this point that Chatterton discovers that the U-boat is U-boat 869.
The time is 1944 in a German port filled with new enlisted men for Germanys new class of U-boat, the IX type. This sub's crew ages averaged 21 years old! These men are then trained for about a year before going on it's first battle patrol to New York City! The Allies discover the plot, and send a hunter-kill group of ships to go destroy it. The U-boat eludes it's kill group and attacks a ship coming out of New Yorks harbor; however, the torpedoe's guide systems fail and send it right back at the U-boat and sink it!
This book pretty well writen, and even though I didn't care for the authors writing style, I still found it very intoxicating at time. I give it a solid 4/5 in stars. "On my honor I pledge that I have neither given nor recieved any unauthorized help on this assignmet nor have I presented someone elses work as my own" Scott Bingman

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