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Gravitation, Volume 01 by Maki Murakami
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Aug 26, 2009

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If I remember correctly, this was the first "shonen-ai" series published by a major publisher. Shuichi is adorable, and if the series were just about him and his best friend Hiro trying to make it in the music business, I think it would be cute and funny. But in this first volume, Shuichi meets Yuki, a cynical romance novelist (wow, it's so unexpected!) who he (unbelievably [see my new shelf?:]) falls madly in love with. And thus Murakami trots out a few of the annoying cliches of the BL genre: I am not gay, I just fell in love with a man; the "male" partner is cool and self-possessed, the "female" partner cries a lot and is prone to hysterics; one of the guys was all about hooking up with women; and of course, heterosexuals automatically know what to do even when they're switching teams.

The band Shuichi idolizes is called Nittle Grasper (and seriously, if that puts you off, just put down the book because you'll have to read it about a million times) and one of their albums is "Purple Nurple". I have no idea if that is Murakami's unique brand of insanity or if someone at Tokyopop was getting clever.

There is also a lot of cursing in this, which I don't remember noticing before, which suggests I'm getting more prudish as I get older...
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