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In the Shadow of the Sun King by Golden Keyes Parsons
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What a struggle! For over one-hundred pages, I slogged through mediocre writing, awkward and stilted dialogue, and then just as it's starting to get interesting, the author decides to stop and skip almost a year! Then the plot continues where it left off and plods on for the remainder of the book.

The heavy-handed use of religion is the least of it's problems, which should have at least have fit in better and not tossed like an oversight. I could not sympathize with any of the characters, the reader only got a cursory look at them, with Madeleine being worst of the lot (what a twit). The history is superficial and thrown in randomly; it rather reminded me of a children's book or show where they're being taught by an adult. Not to mention two years pass and there is no sense of it, we're just told in ten-twenty pages, not shown. That was an opportunity wasted right there and could have been the most interesting aspect of this novel. IN THE SHADOW OF THE SUN KING glossed over way too much and what remained was boring and stale.

Maybe the casual reader or more devout will enjoy it more, but I would have given up after fifty pages if I didn't have to review the sequel, A PRISONER AT VERSAILLES, and thought I should read this first. Hopefully, it will be much better because I'm really dreading it.

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