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As the 'Captive Prince' series progresses, I find myself completely lost in the story of Damen and Laurent. Talk about a slow-burn, I have been dying for something to happen between these two. The anticipation was absolutely killing me.

While the first book primarily focused on the hedonistic indulgences and cruelty of Laurent's court, this second book shows more of the inner workings. Many of the pieces are beginning to fall into place. There is far more to Laurent's situation than meets the eye. In many ways, he is every bit the captive that Damen is.

The nearer Laurent gets to the day that he will claim his throne, the more underhanded his uncle becomes. It is evident that he has no intention of ever relinquishing the power of being King. He does everything within his power to discredit and undermine his nephew at every turn.

Unfortunately for Laurent's uncle, his own manipulations end up being unexpectedly counterproductive. He coerces Laurent into serving near the border, anticipating that he and the substandard group of soldiers that he sent him with will end up being killed off. The assassins that he sends will surely finish off the job if the poor state of the group does not manage to die of their own accord.

Instead, Laurent and Damen form an unlikely alliance. Their tenuous relationship grows much stronger, even becoming the best of friends. Damen often finds himself in the position of a trusted confidante for Laurent. Before long, the two are practically inseparable.

At last, it is evident that there is far more going on between Laurent and Damen than meets the eye. Of course, there is a pervasive ominous feeling to this book. Damen's identity is still a secret at this point. The looming threat of discovery lingers, tainting his interactions with Laurent. The more he grows to care for Laurent, the more Damen fears that his betrayal will come to light.

I enjoyed every minute of this book. I was taken in by the evolution of Damen and Laurent's relationship from enemies to friends to lovers. I want things to work out for them so badly, even as I know that disaster is lurking around the corner. So many secrets. So many feelings. My heart is breaking for these two.

Needless to say, I thought that this was a wonderful book. I will dive into the third book immediately. I absolutely must know how things work out for Damen and Laurent. Despite the fact that M/M is not my usual preferred genre, I have absolutely fallen in love with this story. I want Damen and Laurent to get the HEA so badly.

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message 1: by Elle (new)

Elle Superb review, Candace! :D

message 2: by Nazanin (new)

Nazanin Terrific review, Candace! This series sounds interesting! 💞

Jenny••Steamy Reads Blog•• Wonderful review, luv💕

message 4: by Melanie (new)

Melanie Amazing review, love! I need to start this series! 💖xx

Candace Melanie wrote: "Amazing review, love! I need to start this series! 💖xx"

Jenny wrote: "Wonderful review, luv💕"

Nazanin wrote: "Terrific review, Candace! This series sounds interesting! 💞"

Elle wrote: "Superb review, Candace! :D"

Thanks so much, ladies! :) xoxo

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Lo Bookfrantic Excellent review, Candace!

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Katerina Terrific review, Candace!

Deborah Fab review honey ❤️

Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Fantastic review sweetie 😊💕

Candace Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ wrote: "Fantastic review sweetie 😊💕"

Deborah wrote: "Fab review honey ❤️"

Katerina wrote: "Terrific review, Candace!"

Loyda wrote: "Excellent review, Candace!"

Thanks so much, ladies! :) xoxo

Alex ✰ Comets and Comments ✰ The slow burn aspect all but killed me through the series, but I loved every part of it <3 Glad you liked this babe

message 13: by Lala_Loopsie (new)

Lala_Loopsie [fire breathing B!tch Queen] Great review, babe:)

Candace Alex (Comets&Comments) wrote: "The slow burn aspect all but killed me through the series, but I loved every part of it <3 Glad you liked this babe"

Thanks, Alex! I felt the same way. There's something to be said for anticipation. I am glad you loved it also. :) xoxo

message 15: by Candace (last edited Jul 19, 2017 03:50PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Candace Lala_Loopsie wrote: "Great review, babe:)"

Thank you very much, Lala! :) xoxo

Corina☞BookTwinsReviews Candace I agree with you wholeheartedly !!! Love this series! ♡♡

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Diane good review!

Mindy Lou's Book Review Great review, Candace 🦋

Candace Mindy Lou's Book Reviews wrote: "Great review, Candace 🦋"

Diana wrote: "good review!"

Corina☞BookTwinsReviews wrote: "Candace I agree with you wholeheartedly !!! Love this series! ♡♡"

Thanks so much, ladies! :) xoxo

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Steffi De Ceuster  ♥ Fabulous review, Candace! xoxo

Candace Steffi wrote: "Fabulous review, Candace! xoxo"

Thanks, Steffi! :) xoxo

Nadiah Manan Great review! You poured out everything I want to say. I am hooked to this series too. I love this M/M couple. Strong character in different way make them so special!

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