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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin by Benjamin Franklin
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Benjamin Franklin as a person was a scientist, diplomat, legislator, inventor, and a proficient statesman. In his eighty-two years, he lived a very full life and accomplished many great achievements, probably his greatest triumph being that of discovering the phenomenon of electricity and how to control it. Franklin was also a skilled politician and pretty much gained accomplishments in whatever he strove to do. In The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Franklin has a very pompous attitude towards himself it seems and he embellishes on his attributes and plays down his faults.

It seems like Franklin was trying to be a moral person and have everyone respect and admire him, although, at the same time he flaunted his greatness and flirted with ladies more than half his age. He had no qualms about leaving his wife for seventeen years to go gallivanting across England and then flirting with all the available ladies across London. He did accomplish a great deal for being the son of a candle maker and bringing himself up to all the position of Grand general postmaster and the foreign diplomat to London in honor of the United States.

Most everyone that came in contact with Franklin had a favorable opinion of him. It was written by Mr. Benjamin Vaughan that, “being tired of figuring to myself a character of which every feature suits only one man in the world, without giving him the praise of it; I shall end my letter, my dear Dr. Franklin, with a personal application to your proper self” (75). There could be no other man with as many accomplishments and achievements during the time of Franklin than Franklin himself. There were so many fields in which he excelled beyond everyone else and he was an outstanding man for his time.

Overall, Benjamin Franklin proved himself to be an outstanding leader and one of the co-founders of the declaration of independence. He worked hard to achieve everything that he did in life and accomplished a great deal in that time. In the present day he is revered as one of the greatest men in American history, even with all of his faults it is not a bad description.
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